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G-Scan Lite The No.1 Asian Diagnostic Scantool

G-Scan Lite The No.1 Asian Diagnostic Scantool
G-Scan Lite The No.1 Asian Diagnostic Scantool G-Scan Lite The No.1 Asian Diagnostic Scantool G-Scan Lite The No.1 Asian Diagnostic Scantool
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Product Code: G-Scan Lite The No.1 Asian Diagnostic Scantool
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G-Scan Lite

The No.1 Asian Diagnostic Scantool


The fantastic new G-Scan Lite delivers the best possible Asian car coverage available in the Aftermarket and an ever expanding European model coverage.  The introductory special offer price of £1,395.00 and 2 years software updates & warranty makes the decision simple - If you do Japanese or Korean cars you need the G-Scan Lite!  

Simple Connectivity

Connecting the G-Scan Lite to the vehicle is easy, fast and straightforward; simply select the right connector for the vehicle and the system to test – no model codes, engine codes or detailed menu selections are required.

Auto Search

G-Scan Lite provides an auto search function that attempts to communicate with all systems in the car automatically, removing the need for time consuming, 'trial and error searches'. It then reports back with the available system list and the number of detected DTCs in each system.

Full Text Description

Thanks to the G-Scan's intuitive display system and high definition 5.6" screen, it is able to support full DTC code descriptions and data parameter names.

Flight Recorder

The G-Scan Lite is able to record data while the vehicle is being road tested, which can then be played back in the workshop on the G-Scan Lite or via a larger PC screen. The data can be played back in either the standard format or graphical wave format.

Memo, Screen Grab

By simply touching the 'Pen' icon in the top right hand corner of the screen, you can instantly capture what's displayed and add your own handwritten notes and drawings. These are then saved on the G-Scan's memory for you to retrieve later or transfer to a PC.

Self Test

In the event of being unable to get the G-Scan Lite to communicate with the vehicle in question, you can perform a 'self test'. This quickly and easily identifies if there is an issue with the vehicle, the connector or the G-Scan's hardware / software, saving you time and money.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

G-Scan Lite provides hi-speed connectivity and data transfer to a PC via Wi-Fi. (Wi-Fi kit sold separately).


•   Dual CPU: The G-Scan Lite employs a Dual CPU system to facilitate quick response and high speed performance – one CPU is dedicated to vehicle communication; the other handles user interface and screen display control functions

•   2GB SD Card: The G-Scan Lite comes complete with a 2GB SD Memory Card which can sufficiently accommodate the software applications needed for virtually every manufacturer around the globe – should extra memory be needed the G-Scan supports up to a 4GB SD Memory Card

•   Touch Screen: Performing any operation on the G-Scan is quick and simple due to the intuitive touch screen display and combined 12 button navigation and menu selection system

•   5.6" Colour TFT LCD: The High Definition 5.6 Inch 16:9 scale 480 x 234 TFT LCD screen provides a crystal clear display in all conditions

•   CAN Communication: With the G-Scan, no external module or separate CAN adapter is required as it supports all the latest vehicle diagnostic protocols

•   24 volt communication: G-Scan supports communication with 24V commercial vehicles

•   Rechargable Battery: The G-Scan comes complete with a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery, which facilitates hours of use without external power and when cranking the engine

Key Features

•  Vehicle System Auto Search

•  DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) Read and Erase

•  BCM (Body Control Module) Actuation Tests

•  Component and ECU Programming/Reprogramming/Coding

•  Key Coding/Programming

•  DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Regeneration

•  Live Data Streaming and Graphing, displaying 4 graphs at a time

•  Service/Warning Light Reset

•  EPS (Electronic Power Steering) Recalibrations

•  Diesel Injector Copying/Writing

•  ABS (Antilock Braking System) Analysis and Actuation

•  SRS (Supplementary Restraint Systems)

•  Airbag Analysis

•  ECU Information Display

•  AT/CVT Learning Value Initialization

•  EGR (Exhaust Gas Regulator) Self Test Mode

•  Plus - Super Fast boot up time, from pressing the on button, G-Scan is ready to work in under 10 seconds!

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