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TESLite Pro
TESLite Pro TESLite Pro TESLite Pro TESLite Pro
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The TESLite Pro is fitted with high quality 1.5 meter leads.

The TESLite Pro works with all multimeters and is THE fastest way to find difficult to diagnose automotive circuit faults. The TESLite Pro comes with instructions for use.

It's safe to use on ECU powers, grounds, sensor supply, sensor ground (signal wires must be isolated from the computer and component), actuators (supply and ground)

Setp 1: Remove your old multimeter leads and fit the TESLite Pro.
Step 2: Connect TESLite Pro to the problem circuit.
Setp 3: Press the button on the TESLite Pro . The meter will tell you if you have open circuit, short circuit, voltage drop, poor power or a bad earth.

Basic TESlite® Operation


1. Read VOLTAGE like you normally do.
2. Push button.
3. Read VOLTAGE again.
4. Did VOLTAGE drop? If yes - you have a problem in the wire.
5. Did VOLTAGE NOT drop? Wire is clean.
6. See page 5 for specific resistances if you need to.

Remember, TESLite Pro will test the quality of the supply. It will also verify that the ground side of the circuit has the capability to carry sufficient current for the component to operate. 

TESLite Pro is the safest, quickest and most straightforward method of electrical circuit diagnosis - in the world!

Here’s How Simple The Process Can Be...


1. Do you read system voltage with both probes in the load connector? If you do, then you cannot have an OPEN or a SHORT-TO-GROUND.
2. If you do read system voltage, push the TESlite® button. Does the voltage drop? If yes - you have corrosion, BUT, if no? Then the wire is clean. Move onto something else.
3. If the voltage drops, move the black probe to a clean ground. Repeat the test, and if the voltage stays up - corrosion in ground. If the voltage drops again, corrosion in positive.
4. If you read GHOST voltage, you have an OPEN! Move the black lead to a clean ground. If the voltage rises, the OPEN is in the negative. If the GHOST VOLTAGE remains, then the OPEN is in the positive.
5. If you read TRUE ZERO voltage (0.000V), you have a SHORT-TO-GROUND.


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