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Jaguar Land Rover EPBR Dongle

Jaguar Land Rover EPBR Dongle
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Product Code: JAGUAR LAND ROVER Electronic Park Brake Release (EPBR) Dongle
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JAGUAR LAND ROVER  Electronic Park Brake Release (EPBR) Dongle


Fully approved by Jaguar Land Rover OEM


What is it and why do i need it?

Electronic Park Brake Release Coverage Table

Electronic Park Brake Release Vehicle CoverageService Interval Reset
Vehicle / Model Year MY05 MY06 MY07 MY08 MY09 MY10 MY11 MY12
Defender - - - - - - - -
Discovery / LR3 / LR4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Range Rover Sport Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Range Rover - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Freelander  / LR2 - - - - - - - -
Evoque - - - - - - - Yes
XJ - New - - - - - - Yes Yes
XJ - Old             - -
XK - New - - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
XK - Old - - - - - - - -
XF - - - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
S-Type - - - - - - - -
X-Type - - - - - - - -

(YES) - covered for MY (-) N/A

  • Jaguar Land Rover OEM approved EPBR device.
  • In use by JLR dealers throughout the UK but now on sale by Maverick to the Aftermarket
  • Covers ALL the latest Land Rover cars from 2005 onwards including Disco 4 and even New Evoque (see coverage below)
  • Covers New Jaguars as well (see coverage below)
  • Moves the electronic park brake to the mount position
  • Re-calibrates brake position on reset
  • Avoids costly damage to brakes & disks
  • Saves time and money compared to IDS/SDD or aftermarket scantools
  • Easy to use with simple user interaction. No buttons or software - just Plug n Play!
  • Stand-alone operation, no need to use IDS/SDD or a PC. Takes 10 seconds to use!
  • Easy to update for new vehicle and model years via PC (PC application and cable included)


What does the  EPBR Dongle do?


The DA-Dongle connects directly to the vehicle OBDII (diagnostic) connector and is a stand-alone product that requires no other cables during operation.  The device does not need to be used with IDS/SDD.   Once connected to the OBDII connector it will perform the Electronic Park Brake Release via diagnostic communication to the EPBR module. This will force the brake to move to its mount mode and effectively release the pads from the disc in readiness for replacement.  In the case of Land Rover vehicles it will perform an un-jam function before moving to the mount position.


How does the DA-Dongle operate the EPBR process?

The DA-Dongle EPBR device is simple and easy to use.
Ensure the vehicle is not in a position to roll prior to exercising the following procedure.
Connect the EPBR device to the vehicle OBDII connector (the device powers from the vehicle).
The device enters trigger mode – flashing red/green status (STS) LED. 
The trigger is for the operator to switch on the vehicle ignition or run the engine.   The application begins to run, this is shown by a green flashing Status (STS) LED. 
Once complete the status (STS) LED turns solid green and the device omits a constant high- pitched audible tone to ensure the operator removes the device from the vehicle. 
The task complete approximately within 10 Seconds. 
To restore the park brake to its normal operation the park brake switch should be turned on

How does the EPBR Dongle get updated for future Model Years and New Vehicles? 

The unit can be updated simply and easily by connecting it to a laptop/PC via the USB cable that is provided with each one. A PC software update application is available to download from the Maverick Technology website.  This application once downloaded and launched will be responsible for identifying what version of software is on the device, and whether a new version is available for update.  By connecting the device to the PC when the software update application is running, the application will read the device and connect over the internet to determine if an updated software is available and download this to the device if a newer version exists.  This process takes approximately 3 minutes to complete.  The device will then be updated and ready to be used on the vehicle.


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