abbreviations & acronyms

°C Degrees Celsius, physical unit
°DK Degrees throttle-valve angle, physical unit
°F Degrees Fahrenheit, physical unit
°KW Degrees crankshaft, physical unit
°NW Degrees camshaft, physical unit
1 BBL- 1 Barrel Carburettor
1/CM3 1/cm³, per cubic centimeter, unit
1L Axle 1 left side
1R Axle 1 right side
2 BBL- 2 Barrel Carburettor
2 VH- 2 Valve Head
2L Axle 2, left side
2R Axle 2, right side
2WD 2-wheel drive
3 BBL-3 Barrel Carburettor
3L Axle 3, left side
3R Axle 3, right side
4 BBL- 4 Barrel Carburettor
4 VH- 4 Valve Head
4WAS Four wheel anti skid, traction control system for four-wheel drive vehicles, refer also to ASR
4WD 4-wheel drive
4WS Four-wheel steering. All 4 wheels are steered, not just the front wheels.
4X4 Vehicle with 4 wheels, all of which are driven (all-wheel drive). See also 4WD.
A Ampere, physical unit, or Austria
A - "out" (Aus)
A - Amperes
A - processed vehicle speed signal
A/C Air Conditioning
A/CL BIMET - Air Cleaner Bi-Metal Sensor
A/CL DV - Air Cleaner Duct and Valve Vacuum Motor
A/D Analog/digital, usually A/D converter: converts analog signals (such as speed or oxygen sensor voltage) to digital signals that can be processed by a computer
A/D - Analogue to Digital Converter
A/D – Analog/Digital
A/D- Analogue to Digital
A/F - Air Fuel Ratio
A/T- Automatic Transaxle or Transmission
A1 Axle 1, usually front axle
A2/3 Axles 2/3, rear axle(s)
A4R70W - Automatic Overdrive Electronic Wide Ration Transmission
AA Automatically triggered alarm
AAC - Auxiliary Air Control Valve
AAC- Auxiliary Air Control
AAP Acceleration auxiliary pump
AAS Drive-off assistant
AAV Activated charcoal filter shutoff valve
AAV - Anti-Afterburn Valve (Mazda)
AAV- Anti After burn Valve
AB Airbag, usually proper name
AB - Airbag
ABC Active body control, chassis, see also ADS
ABCV - Airbleed Control Valve (Ford)
ABD Automatic braking differential
ABL - Brake system warning Lamp (2 color)
ABS - Antilock Braking System
ABS 2 Anti-Blocking System separate, system name, proper name
ABS 3 Anti-Blocking System integrated in brake booster, system name, proper name
ABS- Anti-lock Brake System
ABSV - Air Bypass Solenoid Valve
ABSV - Air Bypass Solenoid Valve (Mazda)
ABV Auxiliary-air valve or Automatic blocking prevention, another term for ABS
ABV - Air Bypass Valve
AC Air conditioning, air conditioner, or Alternating current
AC - Air Conditioning (from ETK)
AC - Alternating Current
ACC Adaptive cruise control
ACC - Active Cruise Control
ACC - Air Conditioning Clutch
ACC - Automatic Climate Control
ACC- Accessory Position
ACCS - A/C Cycling Clutch Switch
ACD - Air Conditioning Demand Switch
ACL- Air Cleaner (Thermostatic Type)
ACM Active centre differential, automatic limited-slip differential (Mitsubishi)
ACM- Air Bag Control Module
ACON - Air Conditioning On Signal
ACP - Air Conditioning Pressure Signal
ACPSW - Air Conditioning Pressure Switch
ACR - Air Conditioning Relay
ACR-4- Air Conditioning Refrigerant, Recovery, Recycling, Recharging
ACR4 - Air Conditioning Refrigerant, Recovery, Recycling, Recharging
ACS - Active Comfort Seats
ACT - Air Charge Temperature
ACT- Air Charge Temperature
ACTS - Air Charge Temperature Sensor
ACV - Air Control Valve
ADA Atmospheric-pressure dependent full-load stop with distributor injection pumps
ADAM Advanced dynamic aid mechanism, mechanical braking assistant (Teves). See also BAS.
ADAPT Adaptation, adaption
ADB Automatic differential brake. BMW system replacing conventional limited-slip differentials (ensures traction by braking wheels). Subfunction of DSC (BMW ESP).
ADB(X) - Automatic Differential Braking
ADF Atmospheric pressure sensor
ADN Yemen
ADR Automatic distance control, proper name (VW), or Trigger duration control
ADS Automatic throttle-valve actuator or Active driving system or Adaptive damping system
ADS - engine intake air control
ADU - Analog-Digital Unit
ADV - windshield wiper pressure control
AECM- Air Bag Electronic Control Module
AEGS - Automatic Electronic Gearbox Control (also EGS)
AEI Advance electronic ignition, fully electronic ignition system
AEU Outside Europe
AFB Atmospheric-pressure dependent start-of-delivery
AFC - Air Flow Control
AFI Air-supported fuel injection
AFM - Air Flow Meter
AFR - Air Fuel Ratio
AFS Advanced front-lighting system. Variable light distribution via movable reflectors
AFS - Air Flow Sensor
AFS - Air Flow Sensor (Mitsubishi)
AG Automatic transmission
AG - Automatic Gearbox (transmission)
AGD - suction silencer (from ETK)
AGN Exhaust-gas aftertreatment
AGR Exhaust-gas recirculation
AGR - emission reduction
AGRV Exhaust-gas recirculation valve
AGS - Adaptive transmission control
AHK - Active rear-axle Kinematics
AHK - trailer hitch (from ETK)
AHM Trailer coupling, or Active rear-axle kinematics
AHM - trailer Module (not for US models)
AHPS - Advanced HPS
AHS Alcohol sensor
AHV Trailer brake valve
AI Air injection
AIC - Automatic Interval Control (rain sensor)
AICC Autonomous intelligent cruise control (speed and distance)
AIR - Secondary Air Injection System
Air charge temperature. Temperature of charge air with turbocharger.
AIR- Secondary Air Injection
AIRB - Air Bypass Solenoid
AIRB- Secondary Air Injection Bypass
Airbag Control Module
AIRD - AIR Diverter Solenoid
AIRD- Secondary Air Injection Diverter
AIS - Air Injection System (Chrysler)
AIS - Automatic Idle Speed
AIS- Secondary Air Injection
AIV Air injection valve
AIV - Air Injection Valve
AK Automatic clutch. Clutch operates when driving off, shifting, and stopping.
AKEK Automatic child-seat detection, usually integrated into an airbag system
AKF Activated charcoal filter
AKF - activated carbon canister (from ETK)
AKS Automatic clutch system. Clutch engagement/disengagement is automatic. The clutch pedal is no longer needed. Used for example in Renault Twingo; see also EKS, or Active headrest system (BMW)
AKS - Active head restraint
AKS - pressure regulating device (from ETK)
AKSE Automatic child-seat detection
AKT Active, or Current
Alarm Siren Module
ALB Automatic load-dependent braking force control
ALC Adaptive light control. The headlight illumination is distributed variably according to the driving situation (city, country, motorway). (BMW)
ALC - Automatic Level Control
ALCL - Assembly Line Communications Link
ALCL - Assembly Line Communications Link (GM)
ALDA Absolute measurement, boost-pressure dependent full-load stop
ALDL Assembly Line Diagnostic Link, Opel diagnostic plug
ALDL - Assembly Line Data Link
ALDL- Assembly Line Diagnostic Link
ALFB Atmospheric pressure and load-dependent start-of-delivery
ALG Axle load sensor
ALR Automatic longitudinal control
ALR - Automatic Lamp Range Adjustment
ALT - Alternator (replaced with GEN)
ALU Arithmetic and logic unit (microcomputer), proper name
ALV Axle load distribution (drive-off aid)
ALWR Automatic headlight vertical aim control
AM Central America
AM1 - Air Management 1, AIR Bypass
AM1- Thermactor Air Management 1 (TAB)
AM2 - Air Management 2, AIR Diverter
AM2- Thermactor Air Management 2 (TAB or TAD)
AMB - Ambient
AMIC Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration, Gremium zur Entwicklung eines Multimediastandards, besteht im wesentlichen aus führenden Automobilherstellern
AMM - Air Mass Meter
AMP - radio system AMPlifier
AMR Drive torque control
ANC Active noise control. System actively influences the intake noise, reducing it by about 15 dB.
AOD - Automatic Overdrive
AODE - Automatic Overdrive Electronic Transmission
AODE-W - Automatic Overdrive Electronic Wide (ratio transmission)
AOS Logical AND operator
AP Air pump
AP - Accelerator Pedal
AP- Accelerator Pedal
APB Active parking brake. Teves system containing interface to electronics, with driver-assistance functions such as drive-off assistance, parking aid, and immobilizer.
APC - Automatic Performance Control
API- American Petroleum Institute
APP- Accelerator Pedal Position
APS Autopilot system
APS - Absolute Pressure Sensor
APS - Absolute Pressure Sensor (GM)
APS - Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
APS - Atmospheric Pressure Sensor (Mazda)
APS- Accelerator Position Sensor
APT - Adjustable part Throttle
ARA Anti-jerking control
ARC - Automatic Ride Control
ARD Active jerking suppression
ARF Exhaust-gas recirculation
ARFR Exhaust-gas recirculation rate
ARI - car radio information system (from ETK)
ARMADA Triggering unit for restraint systems with external differentiated triggering. Airbag system from DaimlerChrysler.
ARMIN Trigger unit for restraint systems with integrated emergency-call control
ARR Exhaust-gas recirculation control
ARS - Active Roll Stabilization
ARS - Automatic Restraint System
ARS- Automatic Restraint System
ART Distance-based cruise control
AS Air intake or Towing protection or South America
AS-NO Exhaust-gas sensor for NOx (nitrogen oxide) content
AS-T Exhaust-gas sensor for temperature
ASARC - Air Suspension Automatic Ride Control
ASC Automatic stability control, controlled force transmission
ASC - All Season traction
ASC-EZA - ASC w/ engine timing and injection intervention
ASC+T Automatic stability control, regulated force transmission with traction control
ASC+T - ASC+ Traction control
ASD Automatic limited-slip differential, usually proper name
ASD - Automatic Shutdown Relay
ASD- Automatic Shutdown
ASDM - Airbag System Diagnostic Module
ASDM - Airbag System Diagnostic Module (Chrysler)
ASE - Automotive Service Excellence
ASF Audi Space Frame, special construction for aluminium frame in Audi A2 and A8
ASG Attachment control unit or Semi-automatic transmission
ASK - Audio System controller (Kontroller)
ASM Asynchronous machine
ASM - Acceleration Simulation Mode
ASMS Automatic stability management system
ASP Shutoff valve for ASR brake control
ASR Transmission slip control, usually proper name
ASR - Acceleration Slip Regulation
ASR - self starter block relay (from ETK)
ASR 2 Transmission slip control, separate
ASR 3 Transmission slip control, integrated
ASR- Automatic Slip Regulation
AST - Automatic Slip control (marketing term)
ASV Air switching valve, air intake valve or Trailer control valve
AT Automatic transmission
AT - Antenna (from ETK)
AT - remanufactured part (from ETK)
ATB Exhaust-gas temperature limitation
ATC - Automatic Temperature Control
ATC- Active Transfer Case
ATDC - After Top Dead Centre
ATDC- After Top Dead Centre
ATF Exhaust-gas temperature sensor or Automatic transmission fluid
ATF - Automatic Transmission Fluid
ATF - Automatic Transmission Fluid (from ETK)
ATG Replacement transmission
ATL Exhaust-gas turbocharger
ATL - exhaust gas turbo charger (from ETK)
ATM - Actuator Test Mode
ATS - Air Temperature Sensor
ATS - Air Temperature Sensor (Chrysler)
ATWS Anti-theft warning system (Opel)
ATX - Automatic Transaxle
AU Exhaust-gas inspection
AUC - Automatic air recirculation
AUT Automatic transmission
AUT - AUTomatic transmission (from ETK)
Automatic Occupant Sensing
Auxiliary Heater Module
AV Outlet valve or Shutoff valve
AVOM - Analog Volt / Ohm Meter
AVT - Antenna amplifier Tuner
AW Drive shaft
AWD - All Wheel Drive
AWD - All-Wheel Drive
AWG Evaluation switching unit
AWG - American Wire Gage'
AWK Spare piston, used if proper piston does not function
AWN ASA Workshop Network, proper name
AWR Distance warning radar
AWS Evaluation switching unit (Bosch KH)
AX4S - Automatic 4-Speed Trans.
AXOD - Automatic Overdrive Transaxle
AXOD-E - Automatic Overdrive Transaxle - Electronically Controlled
AY Lateral acceleration. A=acceleration, Y=lateral direction
AYC Active yaw control. Rear-axle limited-slip differential (Mitsubishi). See also ACD.
AZD - tightening torque specifications (in TIS)
AZG Adaptive cylinder equalisation. Quantity equalisation control.
B Internal combustion engine (petrol) or Bank or Belgium
B - Benzene (gasoline)
B - Battery negative voltage
B.C.D.D. Vacuum controlled idle air correction
B.P.T. Pressure control valve
B/MAP - Barometric/Manifold Absolute Pressure
B+ Battery positive voltage
B+ - Battery Positive Voltage
B+- Battery Positive Voltage
BA Acceleration sensor or Brake assistant (Mercedes Benz)
BAC - Bypass Air Control Valve
BAP- Barometric Atmosphere Pressure
BAR bar, physical unit
BAR- Bureau of Auto Repair
BARO - Barometric Pressure
BARO- Barometric Pressure
BAS Brake assistant system
BAT - Battery
BAT - BATtery (from ETK)
BBA Service brake system. Enables the driver to reduce the speed of a vehicle in steps during operation (including to standstill). In addition to the service brake system, a vehicle can have a parking brake, a retarder system, or an auxiliary braking system. A service brake system can be a single- or multiple-circuit system and can work mechanically, hydraulically, or pneumatically.
BBL- Barrel
BBUS Wide-band noise test, method for testing potentiometers
BBV Service-brake valve. Component of service brake system. See also BBA.
BC Blink code
BC - Blower Control
BC - Board Computer
BC1 - Body Controller 1
BCM Body control module (Opel and GM)
BCM - Body Control Module
BCM- Body Control Module
BD Bd: baud. Unit for data transmission rate. 1 baud is 1 bit/second.
BDE Petrol direct injection
BDM Petrol/diesel speed measurement module
BEA Bosch Emissions Analysis, product name for exhaust-gas tester (Bosch)
BEV Battery electric vehicle
BF Passenger, or passenger-side
BF-AB Passenger airbag
BFA Passenger airbag. See also BF-AB.
BFL Brake fluid level
BFS Passenger side
BG Brake assembly, integrated ABS, or Bulgaria
BHKZ Battery high voltage capacitor ignition
BHP - Brake Horse Power
BHP - Brake Horsepower
BHS - Bimetal Heat Sensor (Ford)
BID - Breaker less Inductive Discharge (AMC)
BID- Breaker less Inductive Discharge
BIP Start pulse
BKL Brake indicator light
BKR Braking force control
BKU Braking force support
BKV Power brakes
BL - Brake Light (from ETK)
BLDC Brushless direct current motor
BLM - Block Learn Multiplier (replaced with LT FUEL TRIM)
BLS Brake light switch
BLS - Brake Light Switch
BLU Brake light suppression
BM Reference mark
BMAP - Barometric/Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
BMAP - Barometric/Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (Ford)
BMBT - Board Monitor
BMR Braking torque control
BOB - Breakout Box
BOB- Breakout Box
Body Bus
BOO - Brake On / Off Switch
BOO- Brake On/Off
BOU Brake operating unit, controls and activates the brakes
BP - Barometric Pressure
BP- Barometric Pressure
BPA Start of paraffin precipitation. Also called cloud point. Temperature at which paraffin crystals precipitate out of diesel fuel.
BPA - Mechanical Bypass Air
BPA- Bypass Air
BPCSV - Bypass Control Solenoid Valve
BPP - Brake Pedal Position Switch
BPS Brake test stand
BPS - Back pressure Sensor
BPT - Back Pressure Transducer
BPT - Back-Pressure Transducer
BPT- Back-pressure Transducer
BPV - Bypass Valve (Ford)
BPW - Brake Pulse Width
BR Brake control for ASR or Brazil
BRP Wide-band noise test, method for testing potentiometers
BS Brake disc or Acceleration sensor
BS - Block diagram
BSA Brake system analysis, product name for brake test stand (Bosch)
BST - Battery Safety Terminal
BSU Special brake inspection
BSV - Backfire Suppressor (Ford)
BT Brake drum
BTC Bosch traffic controller, traffic monitoring system
BTDC - Before Top Dead Center
BTDC- Before Top Dead Centre
BTS Battery disconnect switch (Mercedes)
BTS - Battery Temperature Sensor
BTSI - Brake Transmission Shift Interlock
Btu - British Thermal Unit
Btu - British Thermal Units
BUS N - Bus Negative
BUS P - Bus Positive
BV Brake valve
BV - Bowl Vent Port (Ford)
BVA Brake wear indicator
BVA - Brake pad wear indicator (from ETK)
BVSV Bimetallic-controlled vacuum switching valve or Bimetallic vacuum switching valve
BVSV - Bi-Metal Vent Control Valve
BVT - Back-pressure Variable Transducer System (Ford)
BVT- Back-pressure Variable Transducer
BWN Bosch Workshop Network, proper name
BZ Brake cylinder
BZM Reference mark
BZM - center console control center
BZMF - center console control center, rear
BZW respectively, or, and/or
C Capacitor, capacitance, or Chassis (OBD error codes, for example) or Cuba
C - Carbon
C - Celsius
C- Continuous Memory
C-4-Computer Controlled Catalytic Converter
C.A.R.B. - California Air Resource Board
C.R. Compression ratio
C3 - Computer Command Control System (GM)
C3- Computer Command Control
C3/B7 C3/B7 signal (speed signal for trip recorder)
C3I - Computer Controlled Coil Ignition
C4 - Computer Controlled Catalytic Converter System (GM)
CA- California
CAA Clean Air Act (US exhaust-gas regulations)
CAB- Controller Anti-lock Brake
CAC - Charge Air Cooler
CAC- Charge Air Cooler
CAL California
CALPAK - Calibration Pack
CAN - Controller Area Network
CAN – Controller Area Network (Multiple ECU Controller)
Can Diagnostic Interface
CAN-Bus - Controller Area Network (bus)
CAN-H CAN High. One of the two data lines in the CAN bus system. See also CAN.
CAN-HI CAN High. One of the two data lines in the CAN bus system. See also CAN.
CAN-L CAN Low. One of the two data lines in the CAN bus system. See also CAN.
CAN-LO CAN Low. One of the two data lines in the CAN bus system. See also CAN.
CANDI Controller Area Network, mini-network for exchanging data between computers, proper name
CANH-Bus - CAN bus, High
CANL-Bus - CAN bus, Low
CANP - Canister Purge Solenoid Valve
CANP - EVAP Canister Purge Solenoid
CANP - fuel tank ventilation valve
CANP- Canister Purge
CARB California Air Resources Board (US air-pollution authority), proper name
CARB - Carburettor
CARB- California Air Resources Board
CARB- Carburettor
CARIN Autopilot system, Mercedes
CAS Computer aided service, proper name
CAS - Car Access System
CAS - Clean Air System
CAS - Crank Angle Sensor
CASE - Cranking Angle Sensing Error
CAT Catalytic converter
CAT- Catalytic Converter
CB Vacuum control of starting mixture
CBC Cornering brake control
CBC - Corner Braking Control
CBD - Closed Bowl Distributor
CBD- Closed Bowl Distributor
CBS - Condition Based Service
CC - Catalytic Converter
CC - Climate Control
CC - Cruise Control
CC - Cubic Centimetres
CCA- Centre Control Assembly
CCC - Computer Command Control System (GM)
CCC - Converter Clutch Control
CCC- Converter Clutch Control Solenoid
CCCI-Computer Controlled Coil Ignition
CCD - Chrysler Collision Detection
CCD - Computer Controlled Dwell
CCD- Computer Controlled Dwell
CCD-Chrysler Collision Detection
CCDIC - Climate Control Driver Information Centre
CCECS- Computer Controlled Emission Control System
CCEI - Coolant Controlled Idle Enrichment (Chrysler)
CCEV - Coolant Controlled Engine Vacuum Switch (Chrysler)
CCM really ccm or cm³, cubic centimeters, unit of volume
CCM - Central Control Module
CCM - Check Control Module
CCM - Continuous Component Monitor
CCNT, DTC CCNT - Count Code
CCO - Converter Clutch Override
CCO- Converter Clutch Overdrive Solenoid
CCOT - Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube
CCOT- Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube
CCP - Climate Control Panel
CCP - Controlled Canister Purge (GM)
CCP- Carbon Canister Purge
CCRM - Constant Control Relay Module
CCRM- Constant Control Relay Module
CCS - Coast Clutch Solenoid
CCSP - Carbon Canister Storage/Purge
CCV - Canister Control Valve
CCW Counter clockwise, e.g. for indicating direction of rotation of engine
CD - Control Display
CDC - Compact Disk Changer
CDCR Compact disc
CDCV - Canister Drain Cut Valve
CDI Common Rail direct injection (in Mercedes and MCC)
CDI - Capacitor Discharge Ignition
CDI - Capacitor Discharge Ignition (AMC)
CDL Central door locking, central locking system limited to doors (Opel)
CDN Canada
CDR - Chrysler Diagnostic Readout
CDRV - Crankcase Depression Regulator Valve
CDS - CD player (from ETK)
CE - Commutate End
CEAB - Cold Engine Air Bleed
CEC - Crankcase Emission Control System (Honda)
CEC- Computerised Emission Control System
CECU - Central Electronic Control Unit
CECU - Central Electronic Control Unit (Nissan)
CEL - CELsius (from ETK)
CEL - Check Engine Light
CELIS Central lighting system (Hella)
CEM Centralised Electronic Module (Volvo)
CER - Cold Enrichment Rod
CER - Cold Enrichment Rod (Ford)
CES - Clutch Engage Switch
CES- Clutch Engage Switch
CESS - Cold Engine Sensor Switch
CFC - Chlorofluorocarbons
CFI - Central Fuel Injection
CFI - Continuous Fuel Injection
cfm - Cubic Feet Per Minute
CFPP Cylinder-individual injection system, proper name
CFRM- Condenser Fan Relay Module
CFV - Critical Flow Venturi
CGI Stratified charge gasoline injection
CH Hydrocarbon (normally HC)
CHM - Cold Mixture Heater
CI Ivory Coast
CID Camshaft identification (position) sensor
CID - Cubic Inch Displacement
CID - cylinder identification sensor
CID - Cylinder Identification Signal
CID- Cylinder Identification
CID-Cubic Inch Displacement
CIM Cylinder-individual fuel injection
CIM - Chassis Integration Module
CIN Calibration identification number
CIS - Continuous Injection System
CIS - Continuous Injection System (Bosch)
CIS- Constant Injection System
CIS-E- Constant Injection System Electronic
CKP Crankshaft positioning sensor
CKP - Crankshaft Position Sensor
CKP REF - Crankshaft Position Reference
CKP- Crankshaft Position Sensor
CKT - Circuit
CL - Closed Loop
CLC - Converter Lockup Clutch (replaced with TCC)
CLCC - Closed Loop Carburettor Control
CLECS- Closed Loop Emission Control System
CLFCS- Closed Loop Fuel Control System
CLNT - Coolant
CLV - Calculated Load Value
CMFI - Central Multi-port Fuel Injection
CMFI- Central Multi-Port Fuel Injection
CMH Mixture preheating
CMP Camshaft positioning sensor
CMP - Camshaft Position Sensor
CMP REF - Camshaft Position Reference
CMP- Camshaft Position Sensor
CMTC- Compass/Mini-Trip Computer
CNG Compressed natural gas, fuel for vehicles with gas-powered engines
CNG- Compressed Natural Gas
CNS Combustion noise sensor, measures combustion noises (knock sensor)
CO Carbon monoxide. Poisonous gas present in exhaust gas. Produced during combustion of carbon with insufficient oxygen, or Colombia
CO - Carbon Monoxide
CO - Carbon monOxide (from ETK)
CO- Carbon Monoxide
CO2 Carbon dioxide, non-poisonous gas produced during combustion, also known as greenhouse gas
CO2 - Carbon Dioxide
CO2- Carbon Dioxide
COC - Conventional Oxidation Catalyst (Ford)
Cold filter plugging point (for diesels)
Collision Avoidance
Colour Info Display
Column Integration Module
COMAND Cockpit management and data systems. System for data exchange and driver information management.
COMBI – Electronic Instrument Cluster
Compact Disc Changer Rear
CON - CONtroller
COP - Coil On Plug Electronic Ignition
COP - Coil On Plug ignition
COP- Coil On Plug
CP - Canister Purge (GM)
CP - Crankshaft Position Sensor (Ford)
CP- Canister Purge
CP- Crankshaft Position
CPA - Connector Position Assurance
CPI - Central Port Fuel Injection
CPI - Central Port Injection
CPP - Clutch Pedal Position
CPP- Clutch Pedal Position
CPS Camshaft position/speed sensor / Crankshaft position sensor
CPS - Central Power Supply
CPSOV - Canister Purge Shut Off Valve (Ford)
CPU Central processing unit (microprocessor)
CPU - Central Processing Unit
CPU-Central Processing Unit
CPV Constant pressure valve
CPX CPx: high-pressure pump of a Common Rail diesel system, such as CP2. It is used in commercial vehicles.
CR Common Rail. See CRS.
CRC Cyclic redundancy check. Method for generating a checksum, proper name
CRI Common Rail injector. Injector of a Common Rail system, comparable to the injection valve of a conventional injection system.
CRIN Car radio identification number
CRK - Cranking Signal
CRP Common Rail pump. Special high-pressure pump for the Common Rail system, or Car phone (Opel)
CRS Common Rail system. Special diesel direct-injection system in which the fuel is distributed to the injectors via a common line (Common Rail) under high pressure.
CRT Master computer or Continuous catalytic converter regeneration by burn off at 300°C with after-injection
CRT - Cathode Ray Tube
Cruise control. See also ACC
CRW Common Rail parameters (also CR-W)
CS Crankshaft
CSC - Coolant Spark Control (Ford)
CSCV RPM control valve
CSE GND - PCM Case Ground
CSF- Crankshaft Speed Fluctuation
CSFI- Central Sequential Fuel Injection
CSSA - Cold Start Spark Advance
CSSA - Cold Start Spark Advance System (Ford)
CSSH - Cold Start Spark Hold
CSSH - Cold Start Spark Hold System (Ford)
CTAV - Cold Temperature Actuated Vacuum Switch (Ford)
CTG CAN tester (Mercedes)
CTM - Central Timer Module
CTM- Central Timer Module
CTO - Clean Tachometer Output
CTO - Coolant Temperature Override
CTOX - Continuous Trap Oxidiser
CTOX- Continuous Trap Oxidiser
CTP - Closed Throttle Position
CTP- Closed Throttle Position
CTS Cooling temperature sensor, Kühlmittel-Temperatursensor
CTS - Charge Temperature Switch (Chrysler)
CTS - Coolant Temperature Sensor
CTVS - Choke Thermal Vacuum Switch
CTVS - Closed Throttle Vacuum Switch
CTX Continuously variable transaxle
CU - Copper (from ETK)
CV Check valve, shutoff valve, throttling non-return valve
CV - Constant Velocity
CV - Control Valve
CVCC - Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion System (Honda)
CVM - Convertible top Module
CVN Calibration verification number. Part of OBD, contains the checksums for parameter settings, for example.
CVR - Control Vacuum Regulator
CVR - Control Vacuum Regulator (Ford)
CVS - Constant Volume Sampler
CVT Continuously variable transmission
CVT - Constantly Variable Transmission
CVVT- Continuous Variable Valve Timing
CW Drag coefficient, characteristic value for aerodynamics or drag, determines drag together with frontal area of vehicle or clockwise, e.g. for indicating direction of rotation of engine
CW - drag coefficient (from ETK)
CWM-Ford - Cold Weather Modulator (Ford)
CWP - Cold Weather Package
CYP- Cylinder Position
CZ Czech Republic
D Diesel engine or Decimal number or Drive (position of automatic-transmission selector lever) or Germany
D-Bus - Diagnosis bus (same as TXD)
D1 - Xenon light/ gas discharge (from ETK)
D3 German exhaust-gas standard, parallel to European standard. Corresponds largely to EU3. See EU3 and EURO3.
D4 German exhaust-gas standard, parallel to European standard. Corresponds largely to EU4. See EU4 and EURO4.
DA Boost pressure dependent full-load stop
DAB Digital audio broadcasting
DAB - Delayed Accessory Bus
DAB- Driver Air Bag
dB - Decibels
DBC Dynamic brake control
DBC - Dynamic Brake Control
DBE Roof operating unit, control unit in Mercedes, usually proper name
DBG Flow limiter
DBR Retarder (sustained action brake) or Retarder relay
DBS - Dynamic Braking System
DBV Pressure limiting valve
DC Direct current or DaimlerChrysler
DC - Direct Current
DC - Duty Cycle
DCISCA - DC Motor Idle Speed Actuator
DCL - Data Communication Link
DCL- Data Communications Link
DCS - Dealer Communication System
DCU Diesel control unit or Dosing control unit. Unit for injection of urea (serves to reduce NOx).
DD Fuel pressure limiter
DD - Dynamic motor Drive
DDA Digital directional antenna, special antenna which blocks out radio wave reflection interference
DDE Digital Diesel Electronics, system name, usually proper name, or Direct data exchange
DDE - Digital Diesel Electronics
DDL - Diagnostic Data Link
DDM Engine speed versus alternator residual ripple or driver door module (Opel)
DDS Diesel theft protection
DDS- Driveline Disengagement Switch
DE - Drive End
DE – Diagnostic Unit
DEC - Digital Electronic Controller
DEC- Diesel Engine Control
DECT Digital enhanced cordless telecommunications, standard for data transmission, usually proper name
DEE Digital engine electronics
DEFI - Digital Electronic Fuel Injection
DEFI - Digital Electronic Fuel Injection (Cadillac)
DEPS - Digital Engine Position Sensor
DERM - Diagnostic Energy Reserve Module
DERM- Diagnostic Energy Reserve Module
DF RPM sensor, or Pressure sensor, or Direct-fire, distributor-less coil ignition with double ignition coil
DFA Speed sensor output
DFB Flow limiter (Common Rail) or Dynamic start-of-delivery setting
DFC Deceleration fuel control
DFCO - Decel Fuel Cutoff Mode
DFHL Speed sensor, left rear
DFHR Speed sensor, right rear
DFI - Direct Fuel Injection
DFI- Digital Fuel Injection
DFM Dynamo field monitor. Output for recording dynamo field
DFS Double-spark coil, supplies two cylinders
DFS - Decel Fuel Shutoff
DFS - Deceleration Fuel Shutoff
DFVL Speed sensor, left front
DFVR Speed sensor, right front
DG Speed sensor, or Speed sensor for transmission input speed
DGI Direct gasoline injection
DHK Nozzle holder combination
DI Direct (diesel) injection, system name, usually proper name
DI - Direct Ignition
DI - Distributor Ignition (System)
DI- Distributor Ignition
DI/DIST Distributor type
DIA Diagnosis
DIAGK Diagnosis K line, communication line
DIAGL Diagnosis L line, signalling line
DIC - Driver Information Center
DIC-Driver Information Center
DICM - Distributor Ignition Control Module
DIGI Digiplex (Marilee)
DIGIJET Digitally controlled fuel injection, system name, proper name
DIGIPLEX Fully electronic ignition system, system name, proper name
DIGNITION Electronic ignition system, system name, proper name
DIN German Industrial Standard
DIN - German industrial standards
DIO Data input/output. Interface for exchanging data in both directions.
DIS Direct ignition system, proper name
DIS - Diagnosis and Information System
DIS - Direct Ignition (Waste Spark)
DIS - Direct Ignition System
DIS - Distributor-less Ignition System
DIS- Direct Ignition System
DIS- Distributor-less Ignition System
DISA Differential intake manifold system (switchable, variable-length intake manifold)
DISA - Differential air intake control
DIVA - continuously variable length intake runners
DK Throttle valve or Denmark
DK - throttle housing/valve
DKA Throttle valve actuator, Ecotronic
DKB - throttle w/ brake intervention
DKE Throttle valve incrementation bit
DKE – Throttle Increase
DKG Throttle valve sensor, detects current position of throttle
DKI Throttle valve actual value. Current throttle-valve voltage
DKI - throttle position
DKP Throttle valve potentiometer
DKR Throttle valve reduction or Throttle valve reduction bit
DKR - throttle reduction
DKS Throttle valve switch
DKT - throttle position signal
DKV Throttle valve preset
DKV - preset throttle position value
DLB Compressed-air brake
DLC Data link connector. Diagnosis connection
DLC - Data Link Connector
DLC - Data Link Connector (OBD)
DLC- Data Link Connector
DLI Distributor-less ignition
DLK Dynamic steering correction
DLOC Device location, Einbaulage einer Komponente
DLS Digital idle stabilisation
DLWR Dynamic headlight vertical aim control
DM dm: decimeter DM: Diagnosis module
DM - Drive Motor
DM-TL - Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage
DM3/H dm³/H: cubic decimeters per stroke, unit
DMCM - Drive Motor Control Module
DMCT - Drive Motor Coolant Temperature
DME Digital Motor Electronics (Motronic), system name, proper name
DME - Digital Motor Electronics
DME- Digital Motor Electronics
DMIVA- Distributor Mounted Ignition Vacuum Advance
DMM Digital multimeter
DMPI Module - Drive Motor Power Inverter Module
DMS Elongation measurement sensor
DMS - Distributor Modulator System
DMV Diesel solenoid valve
DOHC Double overhead camshaft, usually part of engine designation
DOHC - Double Over Head Camshafts (from ETK)
DOHC - Double OverHead Camshaft
DOHC - Dual Overhead Cam
DOHC- Dual Overhead Camshaft
DOL - Data Output Line to IPC
DP Dashpot, or Throttle valve closing damper
DPC - Dynamic Pressure Control
DPF Diesel particle filter
DPF - Diesel Particulate Filter
DPFE Delta pressure feedback electronic system or Differential pressure feedback, EGR
DPFE - Differential Pressure Feedback
DPFE- Differential Pressure Feedback EGR
DPHI delta phi, difference angle. See also PHI.
DPI - Fuel Plug Inhibit
DPI- Dual Plug Ignition
DQ dQ: delta quantity, difference quantity. See also Q.
DR Pressure regulator
DRB II - Diagnostic Readout Box (Chrysler)
DRB II-Diagnostic Readout Box II
DRB III- Diagnostic Readout Box III
DRB- Diagnostic Readout Box
DRCV - Distributor Retard Control Valve
Drivers Door Module
Drivers Seat Module
DRL - Daytime Running Lights
DRL- Daytime Running Lamps
DRM Pressure regulator module
DRS Rotation rate sensor, sensor for vehicle dynamics control
DRV Pressure regulator valve
DS Pressure switch or Pressure sensor
DS - gasket set (from ETK)
DS-I- Dura Spark I Ignition System
DS-II- Dura Spark II Ignition System
DSA Dynamic stability assistance
DSAS- Deceleration Spark Advance System
DSB Pressure sensor in/for combustion chamber
DSC Dynamic stability control
DSC - Dynamic Stability Control
DSE Thermal-expansion material element, expands or contracts when heated
DSM RPM target value sensor
DSO - Digital Storage Oscilloscope
DSP Display, or Dynamic shift program (automatic transmission), or Digital sound package (VW audio equipment variant), or Digital sound processor, special processor for digital processing of audio signals
DSP - Digital Sound Processing
DSR - Ford Diagnostic Subroutine
DSS Pressure-jump switch
DSS - Downshift Solenoid
DSS- Downshift Solenoid
DSSA - Dual Signal Spark Advance (Ford)
DSTC Dynamic stability and traction control
DSU Pressure sensor for ambient pressure
DSV Pressure control valve
DSV - Deceleration Solenoid Valve
DTC Diagnostic trouble code
DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code
DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code (SAE)
DTC - Dynamic Traction Control
DTC FRZ - Diagnostic Trouble Code Freeze Frame
DTC- Diagnostic Trouble Code
DTI Diesel direct-injection with distributor pump (Opel)
DTM - Diagnostic Test Mode
DTM- Diagnostic Test Mode
DTR Distronic. Distance control system (Mercedes)
DTVS - Dual Temperature Vacuum Switch
DV Pressure supply, or Throttle device
DV - Delay Valve
DV-TW - Relay Valve Two Way
DVAC - Distributor Vacuum Advance Control Valve
DVD Digital versatile disc. Storage medium with significantly higher storage capacity than a conventional CD.
DVDSV - Differential Vacuum Delay and Separator Valve
DVDV - Distributor Vacuum Delay Valve
DVH Pressure valve holder
DVOM - Digital Volt Ohm Meter
DVOM - Digital Volt-Ohmmeter
DVOM-Digital Volt Ohm Meter
DVVV - Distributor Vacuum Vent Valve
DWA Theft warning system, BMW-specific designation
DWA - theft deterrent system
DWS Rotation angle sensor
DWS - tire pressure Warning System
DYN Dynamic
DZ Breakthrough ignition or Algeria
DZG RPM sensor
DZM - revolution counter (from ETK)
DZV Digital ignition, fully electronic
E Electrical fan, or Fuel-injection engine, or Economy (shifting program for automatic transmissions), or Spain (España)
E - "in" (Ein)
E-KAT - Electrically heated catalytic converter
E2PROM - Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
E2PROM - Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
E4OD - Electronic 4-Speed Overdrive
EA Original equipment
EAC - Electronic Air Control (replaced with AIR)
EACV - Electronic Air Control Valve
EAG Electronic automatic transmission
EAI Electronic advanced ignition, electronic ignition-curve control, ELZ
EAIR - Electronic Secondary Air Injection
EAIR- Electronic Secondary Air Injection
EAK Kenya
EAS Electronically autonomous starting system or electronic actuation system, usually trade name or electronic air suspension (VAG)
EAT- Electronically Controlled Automatic Transaxle Or Transmission
EAV Element shutoff valve. Shuts off an individual element of the high-pressure pump in the Common Rail system.
EBA - EinBau Anleitung (translated Installation Instructions). This is a CD-ROM with installation instructions for various options and upgrades.
EBC Electronic brake force control (see EBD and EBV)
EBCM - Electronic Brake Control Module
EBCM- Electronic Brake Control Module
EBCV Electrical auxiliary air control valve
EBD Electronic braking differential or Electronic brake force distribution (see also EBC and EBV)
EBL- Electric Back Lite (Rear Window Defroster)
EBM Electronic brake management system. Optimises driving stability, traction, and braking function (BMW)
EBM - Electronic Body Module
EBP - Exhaust Back -Pressure
EBP- Exhaust Back Pressure
EBS Electronic braking system
EBTCM - Electronic Brake T/C Module
EBV Electronic brake force distribution (see also EBD and EBC)
EBV - Electronic Brake force proportioning
EC Ecuador
EC - Engine Control
ECA - Electronic Control Assembly
ECA - Electronic Control Assembly (Ford)
ECA-Electronic Control Assembly
ECABS Electronic air cushioning, combined with ABS
ECC Electronic climate control, electronically controlled air conditioner (Opel)
ECC - Electronic Climate Control
ECCS - Electronic Concentrated Control System
ECCS- Electronic Concentrated Engine Control System
ECD Electronically controlled deceleration
ECE Economic Commission of Europe, proper name
ECE - European market version (from ETK)
ECI Electronically Controlled Injection, system name, usually proper name
ECI - Extended Compressor at Idle
ECIT - Electronic Control Ignition Timing
ECITS-Electronic Control Ignition Timing System
ECL - Engine Coolant Level
ECL- Engine coolant Level
ECM Electronic Control Module, system name, usually proper name
ECM - Engine Control Module
ECM - Engine Control Module (SAE term)
ECM - Engine/Electronic Control Module
ECM- Engine Control Module
ECO Eco-tronic
ECO - Controller for I-Drive system
ECON ECOn: Electronic carburettor, n=version, usually proper name
ECONZ ECOnZ: Electronic carburettor and electronic ignition, n=version number
ECS - Emission Control System
ECS - Evaporation Control System (Chrysler)
ECT Engine coolant temperature, or temperature sensor
ECT - Engine Coolant Temperature
ECT- Engine Coolant Temperature
ECTF- Cooling Fan Engine Coolant Temperature
ECU Electronic control unit, proper name
ECU - Electronic Control Unit
ECU- Engine Control Unit
EDC Electronic diesel control, usually proper name
EDC - Electronic Dampening Control
EDC - Electronic Damper Control (from ETK)
EDC-K - Electronic Dampening Control - Continuous
EDF - Electro-Drive Fan
EDF- Electro Drive Fan
EDFI- Electronic Diesel Fuel Injection
EDG Electronic diesel control with integrated transmission control. MCC control unit
EDI- Electronic Controlled Direct Ignition System
EDIS Electronic documentation and information system (Bosch)
EDIS - Electronic Direct Ignition System (replaced with EI)
EDIS - Electronic Distributor-less Ignition System
EDIS 4 EEC IV with distributor-less ignition system (Ford)
EDIS- Electronic Distributor-less Ignition System
EDK - Electronic throttle valve
EDL- Engine Data Line
EDM - Electronic Distributor Modulator (Ford)
EDR Electronic diesel control NFZ-DB
EDR - Electronic throttle control
EDS Electronic differential lock, usually proper name
EDS - pressure regulator
EDW Electronic anti-theft warning system or Electronic pressure transducer
EEC Fully electronic engine control or Electronic ignition timing, proper name
EEC - Electronic Engine Control (Ford)
EEC IV Electronic engine control system IV (Ford), system name, proper name
EEC-I - Control of Ignition Timing
EEC-I- Electronic Engine Control I
EEC-II - Control of Ignition Timing and Fuel Delivery Through a Feed Carburettor System
EEC-II- Electronic Engine Control II
EEC-III - Control of Ignition Timing and Fuel Delivery Through a Central Fuel Injection System
EEC-III- Electronic Engine Control III
EEC-IV - Control of Ignition Timing and Fuel Delivery Through an Electronic Fuel Injection System
EEC-IV- Electronic Engine Control IV
EEC-V- Electronic Engine Control V
EECS Fuel vapour emission control system
EECS - Evaporative Emission Control System
EEGR - Electronic EGR (Solenoid)
EEGR Monitor - Electronic EGR Test
EEGR- Electronic EGR Valve
EEM Electrical energy management. Higher-order system that coordinates the interaction of the generator, battery, voltage converter, drive train, and loads. See also EES and VSC.
EEPROM Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory, proper name
EEPROM - Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EEPROM- Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EES Electrically unlocked starting quantity, or Electrical energy systems (onboard network of the future (42V generator for electromagnetic valves, for example, 14V DCDC converter for rest of network)
EESS - Evaporative Emission Shed System (Ford)
EET- Electronic EGR Transducer
EEVIR - Evaporator Equalised Values in Receiver
EFC - Electronic Feedback Carburettor (Chrysler)
EFC - Electronic Fuel Control
EFC- Electronic Feedback Carburettor
EFCA - Electronic Fuel Control Assembly
EFCA - Electronic Fuel Control Assembly (Ford)
EFE - Early Fuel Evaporation
EFE- Early Fuel Evaporation
EFH - Electric window lifter (from ETK)
EFI Electronic fuel injection, usually proper name
EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection
EFI-Electronic Fuel Injection
EFP Electronic accelerator pedal, proper name
EFS Single-spark coil, supplying one cylinder
EFT - Engine Fuel Temperature
EFV - Early Fuel Evaporation
EGAS Electronic accelerator pedal, proper name (electronic throttle control, ETC)
EGC - Exhaust Gas Check Valve (Ford)
EGD Electronically regulated shock absorption
EGE Electronic air dryer unit
EGN EGn: EGAS control unit, n=version, usually proper name
EGO Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor, unbeheizte Lambdasonde
EGO - Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
EGO - Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor (Ford)
EGO- Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
EGOR - EGO Signal Return (Ford)
EGR Exhaust gas recirculation
EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EGR Monitor - OBDII EGR Test
EGR TVV - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Thermal Vacuum Valve
EGR- Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EGRB - EGR Boost Sensor
EGRC - EGR Control Solenoid (Ford)
EGRC- EGR Control
EGRC-BPT - EGR Control Back Pressure Transducer
EGRPS - EGR Valve Position Sensor
EGRPS - EGR Valve Position Sensor (Mazda)
EGRT - EGR Temperature
EGRT - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Temperature
EGRT-EGR Temperature
EGRV - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Vent Solenoid
EGS Electronic transmission control
EGS - Electronic transmission control
EGTS - Exhaust Gas Temperature Switch (replaced with EGRT)
EH - Electro-Hydraulic
EH - Electronic-Hydraulic
EHA Electronic automatic heater, usually proper name
EHAB Electro-hydraulic shutoff
EHB Electrohy-draulic brake
EHC - Electronic Height Control
EHCM Electrohy-draulic control module
EHPS Electrohy-draulic power steering
EHR Electrohy-draulic lifting control
EHSW Electrohy-draulic positioner
EHU Electrohy-draulic control module
EI Electronic ignition
EI - Electronic Ignition
EI - Integrated Electronic Ignition System
EI- Electronic Ignition
EIC- Electronic Instrument Cluster
EICU- Electronic Ignition Control Unit
EICV - Electronic Idle Control Valve
EITC- Electronic Ignition Timing Control
EKE Electronic fuel injection, proper name
EKM Electronic clutch management
EKM - Electronic body Module
EKP Electric fuel pump
EKP - Electric fuel Pump
EKRG Simple short-circuit ring sensor
EKS Electronic clutch system. Clutch engagement and disengagement is automatic. The clutch pedal is no longer needed. See also AKS.
EL-V Electronically controlled carburettor
ELAB Electrical idle shutoff valve
ELB Electronically controlled brake
ELB - Electronic Lean Burn (Chrysler)
ELB- Electronic Lean Burn System
ELC - Electronic Level Control
ELC- Electronic Level Control
ELCD - Evaporative Loss Control Device
ELCD- Evaporative Loss Control Device
ELD Electrical load-peak damping
ELD- Electric Load Detector
Electronic Park Brake
ELF Electronic air cushioning
ELFI Electronic vehicle identification. Component of VW ELSA service information system.
ELR Electrical ignition system with ignition curve adjustment or Electronic idle control
ELRA Electronic automatic restraint. Automatic seat belts (VW)
ELS Electronic idle stabilisation
ELSA Electronic service information system. VW system for authorised workshops (garages). Comprises the components ELFI, ELWIS, and ETKA.
ELV Electrical air valve, or Electronic steering or steering-column lock. See also ESL.
ELV - Electronic steering lock
ELWIS Electronic shop information system. Component of the VW ELSA service information system.
ELZ Electronic ignition
EM - Electro-Mechanical
EM - Engine Modification
EMAB Shutoff by electromotor
EMB Electromechanical brake
EMB - Electromagnetic Brakes
EMC Electromagnetic compatibility (see also EMV)
EMF Electromechanical parking brake.
EMF - Electro-Mechanical parking brake
EMF - Electromotive Force (voltage)
EMI Injection volume indicator
EMI - Electromagnetic Interference
EML Electronic engine performance control, proper name
EML - Electronic Motor Load regulation
EMR Electronic volume reduction
EMR - Electronic Module Retard
EMR- Electronic Module Retard
EMS Electronic engine control, proper name
EMSE Electromagnetic start enable
EMV Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
EMV - Electro-Magnetic sensitivity (from ETK)
EN - Generator (Alternator)
ENG Engine type (code letters), or Engine
ENG FAIL Engine failures, diagnosis line for outputting errors
ENR Electronic level control
Entertainment Head Unit
EO - component location
EOBD European on-board diagnosis, internal vehicle diagnosis with external tester conforming to European guidelines. Serves primarily to record exhaust-gas related faults. Usually trade name
EOBD - European On Board Diagnostics
EOBD - European Onboard Diagnostics
EOL End of line, usually in conjunction with end-of-line programming
EOP - Engine Oil Pressure
EOP- Engine Oil Pressure
EOS - Exhaust Oxygen Sensor
EOT - Engine Oil Temperature
EOT-Engine Oil Temperature
EP Adjustment point
EP - Exhaust Pressure
EPA Environmental Protection Agency, air purity monitoring organisation
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
EPA- Environmental Protection Agency
EPAS Electric power-assisted steering
EPB Electro-pneumatic brake
EPC Electronic power control or Electronic pedal control (such as with ME-Motronic systems without mechanical throttle cable)
EPC - Electronic Parts Catalog (also ETK)
EPC - Electronic Pressure Control
EPC- Electronic Pressure Control
EPI Exhaust Port Injection
EPK Electro-pneumatic kit
EPOS - EGR Valve Position Sensor
EPOS - EGR Valve Position Sensor (Ford)
EPR- Exhaust Back Pressure Regulator
EPROM Erasable programmable read-only memory
EPS Extended park position, or Injection pump test bench, sometimes used as a product identification (such as EPS 944)
EPSV Electrical injection adjustment
EPT Electronic pressure transmission
EPT - EGR Pressure Transducer (replaced with PFE)
EPT- EGR Pressure Transducer
EPW Electro-pneumatic transducer, serves to transform electrical signals into pneumatic signals such as in boost-pressure regulation
ER Energy reserve
ERE Electronic inline injection system (special engine control) or Electrical regulator
ERW Energy reserve with voltage converter
ERWIN Electronic repair and workshop information. VW electronic service information system for independent workshops (garages) and fleet operators. Information offering is restricted compared to ELSA.
ES Electronic control unit or El Salvador
ESA Emissions system analysis, product name for exhaust-gas tester (Bosch) or Electronic spark advance
ESA - Electronic Spark Advance (Chrysler)
ESA- Electronic Spark Advance
ESA/IZA Map ignition, ignition coil in distributor
ESC Escape key on PC or Map ignition or Electronic spark control, electronic ignition control up to knock region, with knock sensor
ESC - Electronic Spark Control
ESC - Electronic Spark Control System (Ford)
ESC- Electronic Spark Control
ESD - Electrostatic Discharge
ESG Single-pane safety glass or Electronic switching unit for trailer detection (used in brake systems)
ESGN ESGn: Special equipment, e.g., NWS, ETS, KGE, n=version no.
ESL Electronic steering lock. See also ELV.
ESP Electronic stability program, another designation for vehicle-dynamics control (FDR), usually proper name
ESPV Electrical injection adjustment
ESR Electronic slip reduction, another name for ASR, or Electrical sunroof, electrically operated sunroof (or lifting roof)
ESS Electronic suspension systems. Continental Teves electronic air cushioning system. The system adapts automatically to vehicle load conditions, has continuously variable damping, and works together with ESP.
ESS - Electronic anti-theft device
ESS - Electronic Spark Selection (Cadillac)
ESS- Engine Speed Sensor
ESSD Electrical steel sunroof
EST Electronic spark timing, electronic map ignition control. See also MSTS
EST - Electronic Spark Timing
EST-Electronic Spark Timing
ESV Feed valve or Injection valve
ET Egypt
ETC Electronic throttle control, usually proper name or Electronic traction control
ETC - Electronic Temperature Control
ETC- Electronic Temperature Control
ETC- Electronic Throttle Control
ETCS-i- Electronic Throttle Control System-intelligent
ETK - Electronic parts catalog (also EPC)
ETKA Electronic parts catalogue. Component of the VW ELSA service information system.
ETM Electronic transmission management, usually proper name
ETM - Electrical Troubleshooting Manual
ETP - EGR Pressure Transducer
ETR - Electronically Tuned Receiver
ETS Electronic thermostat control, usually proper name or Electronic traction system, see ETC
ETV Electronic throttle valve
ETW- Equivalent Test Weight
EU European Union
EU3 European exhaust-gas standard, valid from 2000 (levels: HC 0.2, CO 2.3, NOx 0.15)
EU4 European exhaust-gas standard, valid from 2005 (levels: HC 0.1, CO 1.0, NOx 0.08)
EUI Electronic unit injector, injection nozzle of pump-nozzle system (diesel injection)
EUP Electronic unit pump, diesel pump of pump line nozzle system (diesel injection)
EURO3 European exhaust-gas standard, valid from 2000 (levels: HC 0.2, CO 2.3, NOx 0.15)
EURO4 European exhaust-gas standard, valid from 2005 (levels: HC 0.1, CO 1.0, NOx 0.08)
EUV Electro-reversing valve
EV Injection valve or Inlet valve of pressure control valve or Inlet valve of ABS system
EV - injection Valve
EV1 Injection valve for high pressure
EV2 Injection valve for low pressure
EVA Electrical full-load stop or Emergency valve assistance, safety valve
EVAP Fuel vapor emission control
EVAP - Evaporative Emission System
EVAP - Evaporative Emissions System
EVAP CP - Evaporative Canister Purge
EVAP CV - Evaporative Emissions System Canister Vent
EVAP- Evaporative Emission Control System
EVE Electronic distributor injection system (special engine control)
EVIC - Electronic Vehicle Information Center
EVIC- Electronic Vehicle Information Center
EVO - Electronic Vehicle Orifice
EVO- Electronic Variable Orifice
EVP - EGR Valve Position
EVP - EGR Valve Position Sensor
EVP- EGR Valve Position
EVR Electronic vacuum regulator
EVR - EGR Vacuum Regulator
EVR- EGR Vacuum Regulator
EVSV- Electronic Vacuum Switching Valve
EWD Single-coil actuator, servomotor with one winding
EWL External warning lamp
EWL- Engine Warning Lamp
EWM Electronic selector-lever module. Control unit in Mercedes, usually proper name
EWMA Exponential weighted moving average, misfire detection during last 10 driving cycles
EWS Electronic immobiliser
EWS - Electronic drive-away protection
EX Exhaust (or outlet, exhaust-gas recirc. valve, exhaust manifold)
EXH - Exhaust
EZ Electronic ignition, usually proper name
EZ-K Electronic ignition timing with knock controls, proper name
EZE Electronic central control unit, usually proper name
EZF Electronic ignition system, map-controlled
EZF-H Electronic ignition system with map, trigger by Hall sensor
EZF-I Electronic ignition system with map, trigger by inductive sensor
EZK Electronic ignition with knock control
EZL Electronic ignition system with characteristic curves
EZL-Electronic Ignition System With Variable Characteristics
EZL-H Electronic ignition with characteristic curves, trigger by Hall sensor
EZS Electronic ignition switch
EZV Electronic ignition timing
F France
F - Fahrenheit
F/P Fuel pump
F4WD - Full Time Four Wheel Drive
FA Front axle
FAB Failcode Airbag. Output line for error codes for airbag system (Mazda)
FAC Failcode Air Conditioning. Output line for error codes for air conditioner (Mazda)
FAN - Cooling Fan (Low or High Speed)
FAP Accelerator pedal or Vehicle analysis protocol. Log maintained by tester during diagnosis. Can be printed and given to vehicle owner as evidence of repairs performed..
FAS Driver-assistance system
FAT Failcode Automatic Transmission. Output line for error codes for transmission control (Mazda)
FB Fast burn, rapid spread of flame front or Start-of-delivery, key parameter in diesel injection systems or Remote control
FB - Function description
FBA Parking-brake system (usually hand brake)
FBB Start-of-delivery blocking
FBC - Fading Brake Control
FBC - Feedback Carburettor System
FBC - Feedback Carburettor
FBC- Feedback Carburettor
FBCA - Feedback Carburettor Actuator
FBCA - Feedback Carburettor Actuator (Ford)
FBD - remote control services
FBG Start-of-delivery sensor
FBKW Crankshaft angle at start-of-delivery
FBN Start of delivery, normal
FBR Start-of-delivery control
FBS Driving enabling system (Mercedes), or Failcode Brake System. Output line for error codes for ABS system (Mazda)
FBV Parking brake valve
FBZV - radio frequency locking system
FC Fault (error) code
FC - Fan Control
FCA - Fuel Control Assembly (Chrysler)
FCKW Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). Gaseous chemical compound that destroys the ozone layer. Contained in old refrigerants (R12) for air conditioners.
FCS - Fuel Control Solenoid
FCS - Fuel Control Solenoid (Ford)
FCV Fuel cell vehicle. Vehicle with fuel-cell drive, up to now only a Ford prototype.
FD Date of manufacture
FDBK - Feedback
FDC - Fuel Deceleration Valve
FDC - Fuel Deceleration Valve (Ford)
FDCS- Fuel Demand Command Signal
FDI Fuel direct injection, gasoline direct injection, refer also to GDI
FDR Trip computer or Vehicle dynamics control
FDS Ford diagnostic system
FDV - Fuel Decal Valve (Ford)
FEC Delivery units, parameter for determining delivered fuel amount
FED- Federal
FEEPROM - Flash Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
FEEPROM- Flash Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
FEN Failcode Engine. Output line for error codes for engine control unit (Mazda)
FEPROM - Flash Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
FEPROM- Flash Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory
FES Spark energy control
FF - Flexible Fuel
FF- Flexible Fuel
FFG Accelerator pedal
FFR Vehicle master computer. Diagnostic gateway in vehicle, installed in combined instruments or central electrical system. Also contains the immobilizer.
FGB/AGB Speed limiter / automatic speed limiter, usually proper name
FGB/GBA Speed limiter / speed limiting system, usually proper name
FGG Speed sensor
FGR Speed control, usually proper name
FGR – Vehicle Speed Control (Cruise Control)
FH Power window
FH - window lifter
FHE Road and obstacle detection
FHK - rear Heater/ air conditioner
FHM Power window motor
FI Filter
FI - Fuel Injection
FI - Fuel Injector
FI-Fuel Injection
FIC - Fast Idle Control
FICD Fast-idle control device
FICD - Fast Idle Control Device
FIN Finland
FIPL - Fuel Injection Pump Lever
FIS Vehicle information system. Product designation (such as FIS 215)
FJI Fiji Islands
FKT Function
FKTSCH Function switch
FLA Vehicle performance analysis, product name for performance test stand (Bosch), or Spring-loaded idle stop
FLC - automatic Light Control
FLC - Fluid Lock-up Converter (Ford)
FLS - Fluid Level Sensor
FLS - Fluid Level Sensor (GM)
FM Vehicle management
FM - Fan Motor Program in PCM
FMEM - Failure Mode Effect Management
FMEM- Failure Mode Effects Management
FMI- Failure Mode Identifiers
FMN Delivery volume normal
FMVSS Federal motor vehicle safety standard
FMVSS - Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
FN Vehicle level
FOM - Fix Operating Mode (Limp Mode)
FP Accelerator pedal or Delivery pump
FP - Fuel Pump
FP - Fuel Pump Relay (Ford)
FPCM- Fuel Injection Pump Control Module
FPK Freely programmable combined instruments
FPM Accelerator pedal module
FPM - Fuel Pump Monitor (in PCM)
FPM- Fuel Pump Monitor
FPR Fuel pump relay
FPRC - Fuel Pump Regulator Control
FPRC- Fuel Pressure Regulator Control
FR FR signal: provides engine or engine/transmission control unit with information about generator load.
FR- Fillpipe Restrictor
FRC - Forced
Front Electrical Centre
FRP - Fuel Rail Pressure
FRS Freewheel pulley
FRT - Fuel Rail Temperature
FRU - Flat Rate Unit
FRZ - Freeze Frame
FS Driving-mode switch or Driver side
FS – Crash Sensor
FSA Vehicle system analysis, product name for engine tester (Bosch)
FSD Folding sunroof
FSG Chassis control unit or Fill-level sensor
FSK Frequency shift keying
FSR Driving stability control
FSS Delivery signal sensor, or Flexible service system
FSS- Flexible Service System
FT - Fuel Trim - Foot Pound
FTCO Flat tachograph (new, flat design), Mercedes
FTL - Fuel Tank Level Sensor
FTO - Filtered Tachometer Output
FTP - Fuel Tank Pressure
FTT - Fuel Tank Temperature
FV Filling valve
FWA Chassis analysis. Sometimes also used as product designation (such as FWA 400)
FWD - Front Wheel Drive
FWD - Front-Wheel Drive
FWI Vehicle-travel pulse number
FZ Vehicle
FZG Vehicle
FZK Vane compressor
FZR Vehicle controller, ESP system component
FZV - central lock receiver
G g: Acceleration of gravity, or gram, physical unit G: G-signal : crankshaft signal for TDC, 4 signals for the control unit per distributor rotation
G/SEC g/sec: grams per second, unit
g/sec - Grams per Second
G/ZYL g/Zyl: grams per cylinder, unit for mass per cylinder
GA Basic adaptation or Guarantee
GA - Gage
GAL - Gallon
GAL - speed dependent sound volume
GATES Global automotive telematic standard
GB Yawing moment restriction or Great Britain
GBA Seat belt positioner drive
GBR Seat belt positioner
GCM - Governor Control Module
GCW - Gross Combination Weight
GDB Regulated differential brake
GDC - Fuel Data Centre
GDI Gasoline direct injection, designation for petrol direct injection systems or vehicle models with this system. Usually proper name.
GDI - Gasoline Direct Injection
GDL Gas pressure lamp (Audi)
GDV Constant pressure valve
GEM - Generic Electronic Module
GEN Generator
GEN - Generator
GEN - Generator (Alternator)
GER Germany
GFD-Generic Field Data
GFP- Gaseous Fuel Prep
GGS Transmission group switch
GHD Housing cover
GID Graphic information display (Opel)
GK Glow plug
GM Basic module, or Gear motor, or General Motors, proper name (name of vehicle manufacturer)
GM - General Module
GMA Yawing moment buildup delay
GMR Mixture regulator
GMR - yaw moment control
GND Ground
GND - Electrical Ground Connection
GND - Ground
GOL Persian Gulf states
GOOSE - Brief Throttle Open/Close
GPC- Glow Plug Control
GPL- Glow Plug Wait Lamp
GPM - Grams Per Mile
GPM- Gallons Per Minute
gpm- Grams Per Million
GPR- Glow Plug Relay
GPS Global Positioning System, satellite system for locating a vehicle
GPS - Global Positioning System
GPS - Governor Pressure Sensor
GR gr: large Gr: Group GR: Gas retention, or Greece
GRA Speed control system. Alternative term for cruise control.
GRII - cruise control
GRS - rotation Rate Sensor
GRV Constant-volume valve
GS Independent electronic transmission control, usually proper name, or Belt tensioner
GS – Belt Tensioner
GS 1.2 Electronic transmission control, Version 1.2, system name, proper name
GSG Speed sensor
GSH Gas sensor hydrocarbon, hydrocarbon sensor
GSK Sheathed element glow plug
GSM Global system for mobile communication
GSR Belt tensioner, usually proper name
GSS Transmission shift lock or Seatbelt buckle switch
GST Stepped start volume
GST - Generic Scan Tool
GSY Speed symbol. Specification on tyres for allowable speed, alphabetic. See also Speed Index
GUS Belt tensioner or Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
GVW - Gross Vehicle Weight
GVW- Gross Vehicle Weight
GVWR- Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
GW Gateway. PC or computer that connects and controls data exchange between two networks.
GWK Transmission converter clutch
GWK - torque converter lock-up control
GZS Glow duration control unit
H h: hours H: hexadecimal number, or stroke, or Hungary
H - "rear" (Hinten)
H - Hydrogen
H/CMPR - High Compression
H2 - Xenon headlights
H20 - Water
H2O - Water
HA Hydraulic stop or Rear axle or Hydraulic modulator for ABS
HA - rear Axle (from ETK)
HAC Height compensation
HAC - High Altitude Compensator
HAI Hot-air inlet
HAIS - Heated Air Intake System (Chrysler)
HAS Hand brake switch
HAU Automatic heating
HBA Hydraulic brake assistant or Hydraulically operated equalisation or Auxiliary brake system
HBV - Heater Blower Voltage
HBZ Master brake cylinder
HC High compression or Version with high compression ratio or Hydrocarbon
HC - Hydrocarbon
HC - Hydrocarbons
HC – Hydro Carbon
HC- Hydrocarbons
HCDS - High Clutch Drum Speed
HCU- Hydraulic Control Unit
HCV - Exhaust Heat Control Valve (Ford)
HCV - Hydrocarbon (Ford)
HD Heating wire or Lifting roof
HD - Heavy Duty
HD - Heavy Duty (from ETK)
HD- Heavy Duty
HDC Hill descent control. Special system that maintains speed downhill. Works using brake intervention at about 5 mph (8 km/h) (BMW and Rover offroad vehicles)
HDC - Heavy Duty Cooling
HDC - Hill Decent Control
HDC- Heavy Duty Emission Cycle
HDEV High-pressure injection valve
HDF Remote boot-lid release
HDI High-pressure direct injection
HDK Half-differential short-circuit ring travel sensor
HDP High-pressure pump
HDR-CKP - High Data Rate CKP Sensor
HDS Urea metering system, used with diesel vehicles to prevent or reduce soot emissions
HE Main injection
HE- Hall Effect
HEDF- High Electro Drive Fan
HEGO Heated exhaust-gas oxygen sensor
HEGO - Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
HEGO- Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
HEI High performance ignition system, transistorized ignition, contactless ignition
HEI - High Energy Ignition
HEI - High Energy Ignition (GM)
HEI- High Energy Ignition System
HEUI- Hydraulically Actuated Electronically Controlled Unit Injectors
HEV High-pressure injection valve
HF High frequency
HFAN- High Speed Cooling Fan
HFC - High (speed) Fan Control
HFC- High Fan Control
HFG Hand-operated gas delivery, for example in special vehicles for handicapped drivers
HFM Hot-film air-mass sensor or Special engine control in which load detection takes place via a hot-film air-mass sensor
HFM - Hot Film air mass Meter
HFM- Hot Film Air Mass Sensor
HFP - High Fuel Pump (Relay) Control
HG - manual Gearbox (transmission)
Hg - Mercury
HH HH division, 4/4 division of brake circuit: circuits 1 and 2 brake all wheels.
HHC Hill Holder Control, ESP system component
HHT Hand-held tester (such as KTS500 or PMS100)
HIC Hot idle compensation
HIC - Hot-Idle Compensator (Ford)
HID Hill descent (sensor). Sensor that registers downgrades or vehicle rolling. See HDC.
HK Height correction or Hong Kong
HKD High-voltage trigger diode, special diode installed in ignition coils
HKL - Hydraulic trunk lid Lift
HKZ High-voltage capacitor ignition
HL Left rear
HLM Hot-wire air-mass sensor
HLM – Hot Wire Air Mass Meter
HLOS - Hardware Limited Operation System
HO - High Output
HO- High Output
HO2S Heated oxygen (O2) sensor
HO2S - Heated Oxygen Sensor
HO2S- Heated Oxygen Sensor
HO2S-1-1 - Bank One Sensor One Signal
HO2S-1-2 - Bank One Sensor Two Signal
HO2S-1-3 - Bank One Sensor Three Signal
HO2S-2-1 - Bank Two Sensor One Signal
HO2S-2-2 - Bank Two Sensor Two Signal
HP Hydraulic pump
hp - Horsepower
HPA hPa: hectopascal, physical unit
HPC - High Pressure Cut off
HPDI High pressure direct injection
HPI High-pressure injection. Direct-injection petrol engine used in Citroen and Peugeot. Comparable with GDI.
HPL - High Pressure Liquid
HPS - Head Protection System
HPS - High Performance System
HPV - High Pressure Vapour
HR Hybrid control, or Right rear, or Croatia
HR - Heater control (from ETK)
HRA Rear window washing system
HSC - High Swirl Combustion
HSC-High Swirl Combustion
HSCAN High-speed controller area network. CAN bus with high transmission rate (Opel). See also CAN, LSCAN, and MSCAN.
HSIA- High Speed Inlet Air Control
HSPV Hydraulic injection timing device
HSV High-voltage distribution or Hydraulic start lock
HT HT division. 4/2 division of brake circuits: circuit 1 brakes all wheels, circuit 2 the front wheels
HT - High Tension
HU Major inspection
HUD - Heads Up Display
HVA - Hydraulic Valve Adjuster (from ETK)
HVAC - Heater Ventilation and Air Conditioning
HVAC- Heater Vent Air Conditioning
HVACM - Heater-Vent-Air Conditioning Module
HVS - High Voltage Switch
HVS- High Voltage Switch Ignition System
HW Hardware
HYAB Hydraulic shutoff device
HZ HZ: Master brake cylinder Hz: hertz, physical unit
Hz - Hertz
Hz – Hertz (Cycle)
HZR Heating control. Simple type of air conditioner.
I Italy
I-Bus - Information bus
I/M - Inspection and Maintenance
I/O - Input / Output
I/P - Instrument Panel
I1 Incremental system with one sensor
I2 Incremental system with two sensors
IA - Intake Air
IAC Idle air control, i.e. idle speed control, for injection engines
IAC - Idle Air Control
IAC - Idle Air Control (motor or solenoid)
IAC- Idle Air Control
IACV - Idle Air Control Valve
IACV-AAC- Idle Air Control Valve-Auxiliary Air Control Valve
IAM Independent after-market. Service or spare-parts dealers independent of vehicle manufacturer.
IAS - Inlet Air Solenoid (Ford)
IAT - Intake Air Temperature
IAT- Intake Air Temperature
IATS - Intake Air Temperature Sensor
IB - Interior lighting control signal
IBP - Integral Back Pressure
IC Integrated circuit
IC - Ignition Control
IC - Integrated Circuit
IC- Ignition Control
ICC Intelligent cruise control, Nissan distance control system; see also ACC.
ICE Ignition control electronics, electronic ignition system
ICM Ignition control module, or Integrated chassis management, BMW vehicle-dynamics control with trend-setting technology
ICM - Ignition Control Module
ICM- Ignition Control Module
ICP - Injection Control Pressure
ICP- Injector Control Pressure
ICS - Idle Control Solenoid
ICS - Idle Control Solenoid (GM)
ICS-Ignition Control System
ICTO- Ignition Coolant Temperature Override
ID Identifier, bei CAN-Bus-Systemen eine Art Address-Byte, das angibt, für wen ein Datenblock bestimmt ist oder Identifikation
ID - Inside Diameter
IDI Indirect (diesel) injection
IDI - Integrated Direct Ignition
IDI- Indirect Diesel Injection
IDI- Indirect Fuel Injection
IDIS Integrated driver information system, similar to navigation system
IDL - Idle Position Switch
IDM - Ignition Diagnostic Monitor
IDM - Injector Driver Module
IDM- Ignition Diagnostic Monitor
IDM- Injector Driver Module
IDS Interactive dynamic driving system
IFI - Indirect Fuel Injection
IFS Inertia fuel shutoff. Safety fuel shutoff, or Independent front-wheel suspension
IFS - Inertia Fuel Switch
IFZ Infrared central locking
IG Pulse or increment transmitter, or Ignition
IGN - Ignition
IGN ADV - Ignition Advance
IGN GND - Ignition Ground
IHE Integrated hydroelectronics unit. Control electronics, hydraulic generator, and electric motor in Citroen Hydraktiv chassis.
IHKA Integrated heating and air conditioning system (BMW)
IHKA - automatic Heating and A/C
IHKAF - IHKA w/ micro filter
IHKR - regulated Heating and A/C
IHKRF - IHKR w/ micro filter
IHKS - standard Heating and A/C
IHPD - Internal High Pressure Deformation
IHR Heating control, usually proper name
IHR - Integrated Heater control (from ETK)
IIA Integrated ignition system
IKE - Instrument cluster Electronics
IL Israel
ILC - Idle Load Compensator
ILEV- Inherently Low Emissions Vehicle
ILH - Interior Lighting, rear
ILV Integrated quiet-running system
ILV - Interior Lighting, front
IMA Integrated engine assistant (special Honda engine control), or Injector quantity analysis
IMA - Idle Mixture Adjuster
IMM Immobilizer
IMMO Immobilizer
IMP Pulse(s)
IMRC - Intake Manifold Runner Control
IMRC- Intake Manifold Runner Control
IMS - Ignition Module Signal
IMS - Inferred Mileage Sensor (Ford)
IMS - Instant Mobility System (from ETK)
IMT - Intake Manifold Timing
IMT- Intake Manifold Temperature
IN Inlet (intake) manifold or valve
In Vehicle Local Area Network
INA Information display for ASR systems
IND India
INFOANZ Information display for ASR systems
Infotainment Module
INJ Injector. Injection jet or valve in Common Rail diesel system
INJ 1 to INJ 10 - Fuel Injectors 1 to 10
Instrument Panel Body Electrical Centre
INT Integrator
INT - Integrator (replaced with ST FUEL TRIM)
IOD- Ignition Current Off Draw
IPBEC Central injection
IPC - Instrument Panel Cluster
IPR - Injector Pressure Regulator
IPR-Injection Control Pressure Regulator
IPS Intelligent Protection System, integrated two-stage airbag system with retractable pedals, head/shoulder airbags, and active headrests. Used in Ford Mondeo.
IR Individual control with commercial-vehicle ABS systems, or Infrared, or Iran
IR – Infrared
IRCM - Integrated Relay Control Module
IRF Interior filter
IRM Individual control, modified, with commercial-vehicle ABS systems
IRQ Iraq
IRS Interior protection
IRS – Infrared Locking System
IS Iceland
ISA Idle speed correction or Intelligent speed adaptation: Use of a GPS system and traffic-sign database to automatically regulate speed (system still in test phase)
ISA - Idle Speed Actuator
ISC Idle speed control or Idle compensation
ISC - Idle Speed Control
ISC – Idle Speed Control
ISC-Idle Speed Control
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network: digital telephone and data network with integrated services
ISF Vehicle information system
ISIS Intelligent safety system. System with multiple airbags, pyrotechnically triggered headrests, seat-belt tensioners and intelligent electronics (BMW)
ISIS - Intelligent Safety Integration System
ISN - Individual Serial Number
ISO International Organisation for Standardisation
ISO - International Standard of Organization
ISO - International Standards Organization
ISO-EGO Isolated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor, isolierte unbeheizte Lambdasonde (mit Massekabel)
ISO-HEGO Isolated Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor, isolierte beheizte Lambdasonde (mit Massekabel)
ISOFIX - standardized mounts for child restraints
ISS Joint venture (Bosch, Michelin) for developing integrated vehicle dynamics systems
ISS - Input Shaft Speed
ISU Intelligent switching unit (Siemens)
ITA - Ignition Timing Adjustment
ITCS - Ignition Timing Control System
ITCS - Ignition Timing Control System (Honda)
ITS - head airbag assembly/ Inflatable Tubular Structure
ITS - Idle Tracking Switch
ITS- Idle Tracking Switch
IVLAN Intelligent traffic guidance system (Mercedes)
IVM - Integrated power supply Module
IVS - Idle Validation Switch
IVS- Idle Validation Switch
IVSC - Integrated Vehicle Speed Control
IVV - Idle Vacuum Valve (Ford)
IWG Inductive travel sensor
IWZ Incremental angle/time sensor, rotation-angle sensor
IZA Integrated ignition system
IZV Infrared central locking
J Japan
JA Jamaica
JAS - Jet Air System
JAS - Jet Air System (Mitsubishi)
JET Jet, Jetronic: injection system, usually proper name
JOBD Japanese OBD, OBD standard for Japan
JSV - Jet Mixture Solenoid Valve
JTEC- Jeep Truck Powertrain Control Module System
JTS Jet thrust stoichiometric. Direct-injection petrol engine (Alfa)
JW Company car(s)
K k: small K: channel K-line: bidirectional line between control unit and tester
K-Bus - body bus (Karosserie)
K-CAN Body CAN bus. Low-speed CAN bus for comfort-system and body electronics. See also PT-CAN and SI-BUS.
K-JETRONIC Continuous injection system, usually proper name
K-RWG Short-circuit ring sensor
KA Knee airbag
KAM Keep-alive memory
KAM - Keep Alive Memory
KAM- Keep Alive Memory
KAPWR - Direct Battery Power
KAT Catalytic converter
KAT - catalytic converter
KATON - converter creating (signal)
KB Wire harness
KBA Federal Motor Vehicle Office (Germany)
KBZ Combination brake cylinder
KD Kickdown or Customer service
KD - Kick down
KD - Kick-Down
KDLH - Kick down Low Hold
KDS Kickdown switch
KDS - Komputer Service Desk (Translated Computer) A CD-ROM that inlcudes the defect codes and flat rate labor units BMW allows for the warranty repair of defects.
KE Continuous injection, usually proper name
KE-MOTRONIC Continuous electronic injection system, usually proper name
KEN KEn: Jetronic, continuous, with electronic extended-function unit, n=version, usually proper name
KF Fuel filter
KFB Fuel filter, petrol or Comfort zone
KFMG Continuous delivery-volume meter
KFZ Motor vehicle
KG kg: kilogram, physical unit, or Keyless Go (access to vehicle and engine start without key)
Kg/cm2 - Kilograms/ Cubic Centimetres
KG/H kg/h: kilograms per hour, unit
KGE Crankcase ventilation
KHI - interface for headphones
kHz - Kilohertz
KIW Combined instruments with service-interval indicator. See also SIA.
KL KL or Kl: Terminal
KL - terminal designation
KL15 - run bus (ignition switch run position)
KL30 - battery bus (hot at all times)
KL31 - ground bus (chassis ground)
KL50 - start bus (ignition start position)
KLA Automatic climate control
KLR - accessory bus
KM km: kilometer, physical unit KM: small engine
Km - Kilometres
KMA Continuous volume analysis, product name (Bosch)
KMM Continuous volume meter, checks fuel delivery
KMMG Continuous volume meter, closed
KMV Refrigerant compressor
KO - compressor "on" signal
KOEC - "Key On, Engine Cranking"
KOEC - Key On, Engine Cranking
KOEO - "Key On, Engine Off"
KOEO - Key On, Engine Off
KOEO- Key On Engine Off
KOER - "Key On, Engine Running"
KOER - Key On, Engine Running
KOER- Key On Engine Running
KOM Commercial bus and rental vehicles
KOMBI - instrument cluster
KOMP Component
KOREL - compressor relay signal
KPA kPa: kilopascal, physical unit
KPA - Kilopascal
kPa - Kilopascals
KPN Kpn: Motronic (load detection occurs via intake manifold pressure, n=Motronic version, usually proper name)
KR Anti-knock control
KR – Contact Ring
KRF Kraftstoffrückführventil (Diesel)
KRS Anti-knock control interface or Fuel return valve
KS Fuel reservoir, or Knock sensor
KS - Knock Sensor
KS-Knock Sensor
KSA Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
KSB Cold-start accelerator, with distributor injection pumps
KSE Child-seat detector
KSH Cold-start aid
KSK - Knock Sensor
KSM - Knock Sensor Module
KSP Fuel reservoir
KSS Cold-start control
KSV Cold-start valve
KSZ Fuel distributor or distribution
KTF Fuel temperature sensor, or Coolant temperature sensor
KU Clutch
KU/GN Clutch/transmission neutral position
KUKO Coupling head
KV - Kilovolts
KVA Fuel consumption gauge
KVA - fuel consumption signal/value
KVD Fuel evaporation
KVR Fuel distributor tube
KVRS Evaporative emission-control regeneration system, also referred to as tank ventilation system
KVRV Fuel evaporation regeneration valve, tank ventilation valve
KVS Fuel distributor piece
KW kW: kilowatt, physical unit KW: crankshaft or crankshaft angle or shortwave (radio)
KW - crankshaft
KW - KiloWatt (from ETK)
KWH kWh: kilowatt-hours, physical unit
KWP 2000 Keyword Protocol 2000, log for transmitting diagnostic data
KWS Comfort immobilizer
KWT Kuwait
KX Kx: Jetronic, continuous, with oxygen sensor control, usually proper name
KZS Capacitor intermediate storage
L l: liter, physical unit, or left L: left L-line: unidirectional line between control unit and tester
L - Litres
L-JETRONIC Electronically controlled injection system (with direct air-mass measurement), usually proper name
L/H l/h: Liters per hour, unit
L/KM l/km: liters per kilometer, unit
L4 - Four Cylinder Inline Engine
LAM Idle emissions measurement
LAMBSE - Short Term Fuel Trim
LAV Luxury activity vehicles (vehicle classification, such as Lexus RX 300)
lb. ft. - Pound Feet
LC Low compression, or Version with low compression ratio
LCD Liquid crystal display, usually proper name
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
LCD- Liquid Crystal Display
LCM - Lamp Check Module
LDA Boost-pressure-dependent full-load stop, with distributor injection pumps
LDF Boost-pressure sensor
LDP - Leak Diagnosis Pump
LDP- Leak Detection Pump
LDR Boost-pressure control, or Idle speed control
LE2-JET Petrol injection, LE-Jetronic, 2nd generation, usually proper name
LED Light-emitting diode, usually proper name
LED - Light Emitting Diode
LED- Light Emitting Diode
LEN LEn: Jetronic, intermittent, covers European functionality, n=version, usually proper name
LER Idle limit-speed control
LEV Low-emissions vehicle. Designation for vehicles with low emissions level. See also NLEV, SULEV, TLEV, ULEV, and ZEV.
LEV - Low Emissions Vehicle
LEV- Low Emissions Vehicle
LEW - Lateral acceleration sensor
LFAN-Low Speed Cooling Fan
LFB Load-dependent start-of-delivery, with distributor injection pumps
LFC - Low Fan Control
LFP - Low Speed Fuel Pump Control
LFR Idle compensation
LFT Air temperature sensor, or Long (term) fuel trim (to counteract aging symptoms). See also LTFT.
LH- Lefthand
LH-JETRONIC Same as L-Jetronic with hot-wire air-mass sensor, usually proper name
LHA Air-side automatic heater
LHD Left-hand drive
LHD - Left Hand Drive
LHD - Left-Hand Drive
LHD - Left-Hand Drive (from ETK)
LHN LHn: Jetronic with hot-wire air-mass sensor, intermittent, n=version, usually proper name
LI (also li:) Left, or Load index, number indicating tyre load capacity
LIA Lift axle
LIM Sedan
LKE Load piston unit
LKM - Lamp control Module
LL Idle, engine operating state or Left-hand drive or LL division, triangular division of brake circuits: 2 circuits in front, one in rear
LL - closed throttle
LL-STAB Idle stabilization
LLDRAN Idle speed increase
LLK Charge-air cooling
LLR Idle control (diesel systems)
LLRA LLRa: Idle control with adaptive pilot control
LLS Idle actuator, or Idle switch
LM Air-flow sensor (also LMM)
LM - Light Module
LMF Light-alloy rims
LMM Air-mass sensor, or Air-flow sensor
LMM - air flow meter/sensor
LMR - Light alloy wheel
LMS Air-mass sensor
LN Ln: Jetronic with air-flow sensor, intermittent, n=version, usually proper name
LOAD - Calculated Load Value
LOC - Light Off Catalyst
LONGFT - Long Term Fuel Trim
LOOP - Engine Operating Loop Status
LOS Emergency program (EEC IV)
LOS - Limited Operating Strategy
LP Perforated plate
LPG Liquefied petroleum gas, fuel for vehicles with gas-powered engines
LPG - Liquid Petroleum Gas
LPG- Liquid Propane Gas
LPS Circuit board circuit
LPT Printer port or interface on PC
LPT- Light Pressure Turbo
LR Oxygen sensor control
LRA LRa: oxygen sensor control with adaptive pilot control
LRA - vertical headlight aiming
LRD Load response drive, alternative multifunction control
LRR Smooth-running control, or Long-range radar (component of ACC system with detection range up to 120 m)
LRS Load response start, alternative multifunction control
LS Release switch or Oxygen sensor
LSCAN Low-speed controller area network. CAN bus with low transmission rate (Opel). See also CAN, MSCAN, and HSCAN.
LSD Limited-slip differential
LSF Oxygen sensor, planar (flat sensor)
LSH Oxygen sensor, heated
LSM Oxygen sensor for lean operation
LSM - steering column memory
LSP Longitudinal lock shutoff
LSS - Linear Shift Solenoid
LSU Wideband oxygen sensor, planar type
LSZ Light-switching centre
LSZ - Lamp Switching center
LT Model designation for VW Transporter, proper name
LTCC Low temperature cofired ceramic, multilayer ceramic technology
LTF Air-temperature sensor
LTFT Long-term fuel trim (to counteract aging symptoms). See also LFT.
LTFT - Long Term Fuel Trim
LTG Line
LTR Liter, physical unit, often also ltr, L
LTS - Low Coolant Switch
LUN LUn: Jetronic, intermittent, with USA functionality, n=version, usually proper name
LUS - Lock-Up Solenoid
LUS-Lock-Up Solenoid
LV8 - Load Variable
LVA - air supply system (for EHC system)
LVW- Loaded Vehicle Weight
LWB - Long Wheel Base
LWB - Long Wheel-Base
LWL Optical fiber
LWR Headlight vertical aim control
LWR - vertical headlight aim control
LWS Steering wheel angle sensor. Component of ESP system, determines steering-wheel rotation
LWS-5 - steering angle sensor
M M: Motronic, usually proper name, or Mechanical or Mechanical fan or Centre m: Centre or Manual
M-Bus - IHKA/IHKR stepper motor bus
M-HEAT Mirror Heating, Spiegelheizung (Opel)
M-JET Mono-Jetronic, usually proper name
M/C - Mixture Control
M/CCC- Modulated Converter Clutch Control
M/S2 m/s²: meters per second per second, physical unit for acceleration
M/T - Manual Transmission
M/T- Manual Transaxle Or Transmission
M3/H m³/h: cubic meters per hour, unit
MA mA: milliampere, physical unit MA: Mono-Motronic, petrol injection system, usually proper name
MAEL MaEl: earth (ground) electrode (spark plug)
MAF Mass airflow sensor
MAF - Mass Air Flow
MAF - Mass Air Flow Sensor
MAF RTN - Mass Airflow Sensor Ground
MAF- Mass Air Flow
Main Content
Main Instrument Unit
MAL Malaysia
MAL - center armrest
MAP Manifold absolute pressure or Intake manifold pressure sensor
MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure
MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
MAP- Manifold Absolute Pressure
MAR Quantity compensation control
MAS Control unit for engine assembly
MAS - Mixture Adjust Screw
MAT Manifold absolute temperature
MAT - Manifold Air Temperature
MAT- Manifold Air Temperature
MAX Maximum
MBAR mbar: millibar, physical unit
MBC - Maximum Brake Control
MBS Engine-brake switch
MBZ Diaphragm brake cylinder
MC Microcomputer or Medium compression
MC - Mixture Control
MC-VAF- Measuring Core Volume Air Flow
MCC Micro Compact Car. DaimlerChrysler subsidiary that manufactures the Smart vehicle.
MCC- Manifold Catalytic Converter
MCCA-Message Center Control Assembly
MCS - Mixture Control Solenoid
MCS - Mixture Control Solenoid (GM)
MCS-Mixture Control System
MCT - Manifold Charge Temperature
MCT - Manifold Charge Temperature Sensor (Ford)
MCU - Microprocessor Control Unit (Ford)
MCU- Microprocessor Control Unit
MCV - Manifold Control Valve (Ford)
MDA Engine speed increase
MDF Mass of wheel-speed sensor, usually with an indication of the particular sensor (left front, right front, etc.)
MDK - Motorized throttle valve/system
MDP - Manifold Differential Pressure
MDP- Manifold Differential Pressure
MDR Membrane pressure control
ME Motronic with electronic gas pedal, usually proper name, or Control unit for volume regulation in diesel systems, usually proper name
MEA Middle East
MEAB Mechanical shutoff device (diesel EDC). In newer systems, the shutoff is electrical (see ELAB).
MECH. Mechanical
MECS - Mazda Electronic Control System
MED Motronic with ETC and petrol direct injection
MEG Motronic with ETC and transmission control
MEINS Meins: Injection volume (in mg/stroke or mg/s)
MEMCAL - Memory Calibration
MEMCAL- Memory Calibration Unit
MEN Monitor engine (output line for engine diagnostic data)
MEP Mean effective pressure
MES Mechanically enabled start volume
MEX Mexico
MF Measurement window
MFA Measurement window, start or Multifunction display
MFC - Multi-Function Controller
MFD Multifunction display
MFE Measurement window, end
MFI Multipoint fuel injection (electronic)
MFI - Multi Port Fuel Injection
MFI - Multiport Fuel Injection
MFI- Multi-Port Fuel Injection
MFI-C Continuous multipoint fuel injection (electronic)
MFI-I Intermittent multipoint fuel injection (electronic)
MFI-S Sequential multipoint fuel injection (electronic)
MFL Multifunction steering wheel
MFL - Multi-Function steering wheel
MFR Multifunction control
MFS Multifunction sensor
MFU Multifunction clock
MFU - Multi-Function Clock
MG Manual transmission
MG/H mg/H: milligrams per stroke, unit
MG/ZYK mg/Zykl: milligrams per cycle, unit
MGND Engine ground (earth)
MHDI Mechanical high-voltage distribution ignition
MI mi: Miles, physical unit MI: Malfunction indicator or Main injection (see also HE)
MIC Microplex (Marelli)
MIC - Mechanical Instrument Cluster
MIC- Mechanical Instrument Cluster
MICROPLEX Fully electronic ignition system with knock control
MID Multifunction information display
MID - Multi-Information Display
MID- Message Identifier
MIEL MiEI: Middle electrode (spark plug)
MIL Malfunction indicator lamp
MIL - Malfunction Indicator Lamp
MIL - Malfunction Indicator Lamp (SAE), "check engine" Lamp
MIL - Malfunction Indicator Light
MIL- Malfunction Indicator Lamp
MIR - Multi-Information Radio
MISAR - Micro processed Sensing and Automatic Regulation
MIU Minimum
MJ Mono-Jetronic, usually proper name or Model year
MK Motronic with continuous fuel metering, usually proper name
MKV Multiplicative map adjustment, or Fuel ratio mixture
ML Motronic with flap air-volume sensor, usually proper name
MLA Multiple link antitheft system (system-wide theft protection)
MLD Mechanical load-peak damping
MLN MLn: Motronic based on air-flow sensor, n=version, usually proper name. See also LM.
MLP - Manual Lever Position
MLP- Manual Lever Position
MLUS - Modulated Lock Up Solenoid or its Control Circuit (Ford)
MLUS- Modulator Lock-Up Solenoid
MLVLPS - Manual Valve Lever Position
MM mm: millimeter, physical unit
mm - Millimetres
MM3/H mm³/H: cubic millimeters per stroke, unit
MMC - Multi-Media Changer
MMI Engine torque, actual value or Man-machine interface (Porsche designation)
MMM Multipath map matching (navigation system)
MMS Engine torque, nominal value
MMV Quantity solenoid valve
MN Mn: Motronic, universal load detection (HLM, LM), n=version, usually proper name
MNEFZ Modified new European driving cycle (exhaust-gas test cycle). See also NEFZ.
MODIC Mobile diagnosis computer (BMW diagnostic tester)
MoDiC - Mobile Diagnostic Computer
MOLIS Modular lights system. LEDs in modular system for rear lights, for example (BMW)
MOST Media oriented system transport. Usually in conjunction with a bus system (MOST bus), via which various control units in the vehicle communicate with each other.
MOST-Bus - Media Oriented System Transport bus
MOT Engine tester, product name (Bosch) or Engine test
MOT/DME Digital Motor Electronics (Motronic)
MOZ Engine octane number. Expresses the knock resistance of petrol fuel (US variant of ROZ).
MP Motronic with intake manifold sensor, usually proper name
MPA MPa: megapascal, physical unit
MPFI Multi-point fuel injection, electronic, usually proper name
MPFI - Multi Point Fuel Injection
MPFI - Multi-Port Fuel Injection
MPG - Miles Per Gallon
MPH mph: Miles per hour, physical unit
MPH - Miles Per Hour
MPI Multi-point injection, fully electronic engine control, usually proper name
MPI - Multi Port Injection
MPI- Multi-Port Injection
MPN MPn: Motronic in which load detection is via intake manifold pressure, n=version, usually proper name
MPV Multi-purpose vehicles (Mazda). Comprises the group of vans and small panel trucks.
MPV - Multi-Purpose Vehicle
MR Engine relay or Engine control for ASR
MR-DF Speed sensor with magnetoresistive measurement
MRS Multi-restraint system. Temic or BMW system consisting of belt tensioner, belt force limiting, airbags, and safety battery terminal (see SBK).
MRS - Multiple Restraint System
MS ms: millisecond, physical unit MS: Engine control or Diesel systems with electronic volume- and start-of-injection control
ms - Millisecond
mS or ms - Millisecond
MSA Designation for diesel injection systems having an electronic volume control, start-of-injection control, and exhaust-gas recirculation. Systems without exhaust-gas recirculation are designated simply as MS.
MSCAN Medium-speed controller area network. CAN bus with medium transmission rate (Opel). See also CAN, LSCAN, and HSCAN.
MSFF - Miles Since First Fail
MSG Engine control unit
MSLF - Miles Since Last Fail
MSR Engine drag torque control, usually proper name
MSR - engine drag torque Regulation
MST Measurement and control unit
MST - Manifold Surface Temperature
MST- Manifold Surface Temperature
MSTS Microprocessor spark timing system, electronic ignition with map control (ELZ), or Multi spark timing system, function as for EST. MSTS, however, is not an integrated part but rather a separate ignition control unit
MT Manual transmission or Mechanical transmission or Volume divider
MT - Manual Transmission
MTA- Managed Thermactor Air
MTCO Tachograph
MTM Engine measurement technology module
MTV - Manifold Tune Valve
MUD mUD: With vacuum
MUI- Mechanical Unit Injection
MUT II- Multi-Use Tool, Second Edition
MUX Multiplexer or multiplex signal
MUXPORT Multiplexer-Port, Schnittstelle am PC, an die der Multiplexer angeschlossen ist oder angeschlossen werden kann
MV mV: millivolt, physical unit MV: Solenoid valve
MV - Magnetic Valve (solenoid Valve)
mV - Millivolts
mV or mv - Milivolt
MVEG Motor vehicle emission group, exhaust-gas classification for passenger cars
MVL Lift axle valve with electronic air-cushioning system
MVLDR Solenoid valve for boost pressure control
MVLPS - Manual Valve Lever Position
MVN Level valve with electronic air-cushioning system
MVS Solenoid valve control unit
MVZ - Manifold Vacuum Zone
MW AM (radio), or Measurement
MY Model year
MZ Magneto ignition
MZV Microprocessor-controlled ignition adjustment
N n: RPM, or normal N: Selector-lever position (Neutral) for automatic transmissions, or Norway
N - Nitrogen
n-ab - rotational speed, transmission (rpm)
n-mot - rotational speed, engine (rpm)
N.C. - Normally Closed Position
N.O. - Normally Open Position
N/MIL - A Code Set Without a MIL Request
N/V - Input Shaft Speed to Vehicle Speed
NA Auxiliary drive or Netherlands Antilles
NAS Auxiliary drive switch
NAV Navigation or Navigation system
NAVI - Navigation module
NB Commercial-vehicle brake
NBE Proximity detector
NBF Needle lift sensor (diesel)
NBS Needle lift sensor (diesel)
NCAP New Car Assessment Program, better known as EURO-NCAP, association for conducting more demanding crash tests (with participation of vehicle manufacturers)
NDIR - Non Dispersive Infrared
NDS Neutral drive switch, activated when automatic transmission selector lever is in neutral position
NDS - Neutral Drive Switch
NE NE: After-injection Ne-Signal: Engine RPM signal, 24 AC signals sent to control unit per distributor rotation
NEDC New European driving cycle (procedure for fuel consumption measurement). See also NEFZ
NEFZ New European driving cycle (procedure for fuel consumption measurement). See also NEDC
NF Low frequency, or audio frequency
NFZ Commercial vehicle (lorry, truck)
NG - New Generation (as in N73 engine)
NG - tilt sensor
NGS - Neutral Gear Switch (Ford)
NGS- New Generation Star Tester
NGV - Natural Gas Vehicles
NGV- Natural Gas Vehicle
NHG Needle-displacement sensor (diesel systems)
NHU Navigation head unit. Opel navigation control unit.
NIC Nicaragua
NKW Lorry (truck)
NKW-ABS Anti-blocking system for lorries (trucks) with air brakes
NL Netherlands
NLEV National low-emission vehicles. US approval level for vehicles that must fulfil the current requirements. See also LEV, SULEV, TLEV, ULEV, and ZEV.
NLK Follow-on piston
NLS Needle lift sensor (diesel)
NM Nm: Newton-meter, physical unit
Nm - Newton Meters
Nm - Newton Metres
NM/S Nm/s: newton-meters per second, unit
NMOT Nmot: Engine RPM
NOE Nitrogen oxide emission
NOX NOx: Nitrogen oxides
NOX - Nitrogen Oxides/ exhaust gas recirculation (from ETK)
NOx - Oxides of Nitrogen
NOx- Oxides Of Nitrogen
NPB Delivery volume normal test stand (special tester for injection pumps)
NR Number, or Level control, or Natural rubber (often processed for use in truck tyres).
NRZ NRZ format: Non-return-to-zero, transmission or pulse form for square-wave pulses and signals
NS Fog light(s)
NSD - rear muffler (from ETK)
NSL - rear fog Lamp (from ETK)
NSW Fog lights
NSW - fog lamp (from ETK)
NTC Negative temperature coefficient, thermal resistor with negative temperature coefficient, so-called hot conductor
NTC - Negative Temperature Coefficient
NTC II Idle speed increase
NTC1 Intake air temperature (in °C)
NTC2 Engine water temperature (in °C)
NVF Navigation and traffic control
NVRAM - Non Volatile Random Access Memory
NVRAM - Nonvolatile Random Access Memory
NVRAM- Non Volatile Random Access Memory
NW Camshaft
NW - camshaft (from ETK)
NWS Camshaft timing
NZ New Zealand
O- Key On Engine Off
O2 Oxygen
O2 - Oxygen
O2S - Oxygen Sensor
O2S-11 - Oxygen Sensor Signal (Bank 1)
O2S-21 - Oxygen Sensor Signal (Bank 2)
O2S-Oxygen Sensor
OAI Octane adjust input
OASIS - Ford Motor Company Online Automotive Service Information System
OBC - On-Board Computer
OBD On-board diagnostics or off-board diagnostics, vehicle-internal diagnosis with internal or external test unit, usually proper name
OBD - On-Board Diagnosis (SAE)
OBD - Onboard Diagnostics
OBD I - On Board Diagnostics Version I
OBD I - Onboard Diagnostics One
OBD II - On Board Diagnostics Version II
OBD II - Onboard Diagnostics Two
OBD II- On-Board Diagnosis II
OBD STAT - On Board Diagnostic System Status
OBD- On-Board Diagnosis
OBF Upper control panel. Above or on the dashboard, some vehicles have switches or buttons, such as for the rear-window defogger. These elements together comprise a control panel, which is referred to as the upper control panel to distinguish it from another control panel near the gearshift lever or below the radio.
OBM On-board measurement
OC Oxidation catalytic converter
OC - Oxidation Catalytic Converter
OC-Oxidation Catalytic Converter
OCC - Output Circuit Check (Ford)
OCC- Output Circuit Check
OCIL - Overdrive Cancel Indicator Lamp
OCS - Overdrive Cancel Switch
OCT ADJ - Octane Adjust Fuel Switch
OD - Outside Diameter
OD - Overdrive
ODFT Sensor for oil pressure and temperature
ODM - Output Device Monitor
ODM- Output Driver Module
ODO- Odometer
ODS Automatic overdrive control
ODS - Overdrive Drum Speed
OE - Original Equipment
OEDS Oil pressure switch
OEF Location of missing vehicles (via GPS)
OEM Original equipment manufacturer
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
OES Original equipment service. Service or spare parts via the vehicle manufacturer.
OFFSET-V Voltage offset
OG Upper limit or Upper tolerance limit
OHC Overhead camshaft. Camshaft situated above the cylinder head. Often used in engine designations.
OHC - Overhead Cam Engine
OHC - OverHead Camshaft
OHC- Overhead Cam
OHV Overhead valves (the camshaft is therefore underneath)
OHV - Over Head Valve
OHV - OverHead Valve
OL - Open Loop
OMM Surface micromechanics
OOP Out-of-position detection
OP Oil pump
OPC Opel Performance Centre. Centre for automotive sports (Opel).
OR Logical OR operation
ORC - Oxidation Reduction Converter
ORVR- On Board Refuelling Vapor Recovery
OS - Oxygen Sensor
OSAC - Orifice Spark Advance Control (Chrysler)
OSAC- Orifice Spark Advance Control
OSC - Output State Check (Ford)
OSC- Output State Control
OSM - Output State Monitor
OSRVM Outside rear-view mirror (Opel)
OSS - Output Speed Shaft
OSS- Output Shaft
OSS- Output Speed Sensor
OT Top dead centre
OTA Oxygen/titanium emissions sensor. Titanium oxide sensor. See also OZA.
OTF Oil temperature sensor
OTIS - Overhead Travel Information System
OTIS- Overhead Travel Information System
OUD OUD: Without vacuum
OUT Designation on diesel pump for excess-flow restriction screw
OVCV - Outer Vent Control Valve
OWL- Oil/Water Warning Lamp
OZ Octane rating. See also ROZ.
OZA Oxygen/zirconium emissions sensor. Zirconium oxide sensor. See also OTA.
P Pressure, or Power train (used with OBD error codes, for example), or Portugal
P-Bus - Periphery bus
P-FP p-FP: Delivery pump pressure.
P-IN p-in: Delivery pressure
P/B - Power Bakes
P/B - Power Brakes
P/E - Power Enrichment
P/N - Part Number
P/N – Park/Neutral position
P/S - Power Steering
PA Pa: pascal, physical unit of pressure. See also HPA, KPA, and MPA. PA: Parking assistant
PA - Pressure Air
PA - Pressure Air (Honda)
PAB- Passenger Air Bag
PAD- Passenger Air Bag Disable
PAFS - Pulse Air Feeder System (Chrysler)
PAG Polyethylene glycol oil, low-temperature oil
PAG- Polyalkaline Glycol
PAIR - Pulsed Secondary Air Injection
PAIR- Pulsed Secondary Air Injection
PAM Parking assistant module (Opel)
PANS Pans: Intake air pressure (in hPa)
PAS Peripheral airbag sensor (side airbag)
PAS - passive Anti-Theft System
PAS - Power Assisted Steering
PAS - Power-Assisted Steering
PASE Passive start and entry. Keyless access to car and engine start (Siemens system). Also called Keyless Go (Mercedes, for example)
PASS - Personalised Automotive Security System
PATA Passive button. Button in vehicle with which a function can be set to the passive (off) state
PATS Passive antitheft system
PB Pb: chemical symbol for lead (Latin: plumbum)
PB - Pin assignments
PBM Pulse width modulated, signal processing method (prior to sending), usually proper name
PBS - Parts Bulletin System (in TIS)
PBSL Park brake shift lock. Selector lever lock for automatic transmission (Opel)
PC Power control or Personal computer
PC - Pressure Control
PCB - Printed Circuit Board
PCI - Programmable Communications Interface
PCI- Programmable Communication Interface
PCM Power train control module or Porsche Communication Management, central multimedia control unit for various functions
PCM - Power train Control Module
PCM - Powertrain Control Module
PCM- Powertrain Control Module
PCS - Pressure Control Solenoid
PCU Pump control unit (diesel systems), or Power control unit, hybrid-drive control (Honda)
PCV Positive crankcase ventilation, closed crankshaft ventilation
PCV - Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PCV- Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PD Pump-nozzle
PDAS Dynamic 4-wheel control, usually proper name
PDC Park distance control. Parking aid, often proper name, or Pre-drive check (testing of EHB systems)
PDC - Park Distance Control
PDC- Power Distribution Center
PDE Pump-nozzle unit (new designation is UIS)
PDM Passenger door module (Opel)
PDOE Nozzle opening pressure
PECV - Power Enrichment Control Valve
PEHKS Pedestrian protection hood kinematics system. Ford mechanical system that raises the hood (bonnet) in the case of an impact (such as hitting a pedestrian). See also POBSY.
PES Polyellipsoid system (headlight technique)
PES-SW Polyellipsoid headlight(s)
PF - Purge Flow Sensor
PFA Particle filter system
PFE - Pressure Feedback EGR Sensor
PFE-Pressure Feedback EGR
PFI Port fuel injection, inlet-channel injection
PFI - Port Fuel Injection
PFI - Port Fuel Injection (GM)
PG Phase sensor
PG- Pulse Generator
PGM-CARB- Programmed Carburetor
PGM-FI - Programmed Gas Management Fuel Injection (Honda)
PGM-FI- Programmed Fuel Injection Control System
PGM-IG- Programmed Ignition
PGS - Passive Go System
PH Pressure high, high pressure
PHI phi: Greek letter used to designate angles.
PHS Park heater system
PI Pilot injection. See also POI, MI, and HE.
PID Parameter identifier, part of CARB, code for current values or similar parameters, usually proper name
PID - Parameter ID
PID - Parameter Identification Location
PID SUP - Parameter Identification Supported
PID- Parameter Identifier
PIP Profile ignition pickup, ignition output circuit (Ford) or Signal of Hall sensor for crankshaft RPM and position
PIP - Profile ignition pickup
PIP - Profile Ignition Pickup Signal
PIP- Profile Ignition Pickup
PIV - Peak Inverse Voltage
PJ Pilot-Jection
PKE - Passive Keyless Entry
PKW Passenger car
PL Country code for Poland, or Pressure low, low pressure
PLA Pneumatic idle increase or Pneumatic idle stop
PLD Pump-line-nozzle, diesel injection technique (new designation is UPS)
PLR Pneumatic idle speed control
PLU Pierburg measurement cell, or Pierburg Aviation
PM Pump motor
PM - Power Module
PMD - Pump Mounted Driver
PML Parametric steering, assisted vehicle steering. The related data (parameters) are stored in the control unit.
PMR Private mobile radio
PMS Engine control with load detection via intake-manifold pressure (Mercedes) or Inlet-channel injection
PNAB Pneumatic adjustment device
PNABU Pneumatic adjustment device, vacuum-operated (Bosch KH)
PNABUE Pneumatic adjustment device, pressure-operated (Bosch KH)
PNG Papua New Guinea
PNP - Par Neutral Position
PNP - Park/Neutral Switch
PNP-Park/Neutral Position
POBSY Pedestrian protection optimised bumper system. Ford bumper system made from energy-absorbing foam plastics to protect pedestrians.
POI Post-injection. See also PI, MI, and HE.
POT - Potentiometer
POTI Potentiometer, variable resistance
PP – Impact Pad
PPG PPG module: Periphery program module; module containing control unit diagnostic programs or other CompacSoft programs, proper name
PPM ppm: parts-per-million, unit
PPM - Parts Per Million
PPM - Parts Per Minute
ppm- Parts Per Million
PPS Pedal position system, or Pedal position sensor
PPS - Ported Pressure Switch (Ford)
PR - Pressure Relief
PRC People's Republic of China
PRC - Pressure Regulator Control
PRC- Pressure Regulator Control
PRG Program
PRNDL - Switch
PROG Programming input
PROM Programmable read-only memory, usually proper name
PROM - Program Read Only Memory (chip)
PROM - Programmable Read-Only Memory
PROM- Programmable Read Only Memory
PRS Programmed restraint system. Reduces the seat-belt tension and thus upper-body injuries (Renault)
PS Test step or Pump control or Horsepower, unit of work performed by motor vehicles
PS - Power Steering
PSA - Pressure Switch Assembly
PSC - Power Steering Control
PSD Pump control with diagnosis or Porsche limited-slip differential, usually proper name
PSE Pneumatic system electronics, electronically controlled pneumatic system
PSG Pump control unit
PSI psi: Pounds per square inch, physical unit
PSI - Pounds Per Square Inch
PSI- Pounds Per Square Inch
PSM Porsche Stability Module. Porsche-specific designation for ESP.
PSOM - Programmable Speedometer Odometer Module
PSOV - Purge Shut Off Valve (Ford)
PSP Power steering pressure
PSP - Power Steering Pressure
PSP- Power Steering Pressure
PSPS Power steering pressure switch
PSPS - Power Steering Pressure Switch
PSPS- Power Steering Pressure Switch
PSV Partial intake-manifold pre-heating
PT Power train
PT-CAN Power train CAN bus. High-speed CAN bus for drive-train electronics. See also K-CAN, SI-BUS.
pt. - Pint
PTC Positive temperature coefficient, thermal resistor with positive temperature coefficient, so-called cold conductor, or PTC heating element in intake manifold for delivering heat for evaporation
PTC - Pending Trouble Code
PTC - Positive Temperature Coefficient
PTC - Positive temperature coefficient Additional - This is applied to the way the resistance of a thermistor varies with temperature. In this case, the resistance will increase as the temperature raises
PTC - Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistor
PTEC- Power train Electronic Controller Management System
PTO - Power Take Off (4WD Option)
PTO- Power Take Off
PTOX - Periodic Trap Oxidiser
PTS Park-Tronic System. Parking aid. See also PDC.
PTU - Part Throttle Unlock
PV Testing instruction
PVA - Ported Vacuum Advance
PVS Vacuum switch
PVS - Ported Vacuum Switch
PWG Pedal position sensor, usually proper name
PWG - Pedal position sensor/ potentiometer
PWL Power window lifter
PWM Pulse-width modulation, special signalling form used to determine pulse-duty factors on components (for example, triggering of tank ventilation valve is usually based on such a factor)
PWM - Pulse Width Modulation
PWM- Pulse Width Modulated
PWR Pulse rectifier
PWR - Power to Weight Ratio
PWR GND - Power Ground for PCM
PY Paraguay
Q Quantity, usually of fuel
Q-AVG Quantity average. Mean of (fuel) quantity of all cylinders
Q-OVER Q-over: Overflow quantity
Q1 Fuel quantity for cylinder 1. Similarly Q2, Q3, etc.
QB Quality assessment
QDM - Quad Driver Module
QGS Quick glow system. Rapid pre-heating system for diesel engines.
QHS Quick heat system. Rapid diesel pre-heating system.
QM Quality management
QS Quality assurance
QSF Average function
QSL Quasi select low
QUADR Quadrifoglio, Alfa Romeo model designation
R- Key On Engine Running
RA Rear axle, or Argentina
RA - Repair instructions (in TIS)
RABS - Rear Antilock Brake System
RABS- Rear Anti-lock Braking System
RAIL Common Rail, high-pressure distribution line with Common Rail diesel systems
RAL - Aluminium wheels (from ETK)
RAL - standard color (from ETK)
RAM Random access memory, read/write memory of a processor
RAM - Random Access Memory
RAM – Random Access Memory
RAM- Random Access Memory
RAP - Retained Access Power
RAP- Retained Accessory Power
RAS Rear-axle steering. Actively steered rear axle used in buses, for example.
RB Robert Bosch
RC Remote control, or China (Taiwan)
RCA Republic of Central Africa
RCH Chile
RDC - tire pressure Control
RDK Tire pressure check system, usually proper name
RDS Rail pressure sensor or Radio data system
RDS - Radio Data-broadcast System
RDS- Radio Data System
RDU Tyre pressure monitoring
RDV Reverse-flow throttle valve
RDW Rest of the world (group in exhaust-gas classification)
RDW - tire pressure Warning
RE Right (often "re") or Inline injection pump
REA Resonance detection
Rear Left Door Module
Rear Right Door Module
REC Rear electrical centre (Opel)
RECAL - Calibration Adjustment
REDOX - Reduction Oxidation Converter
REDOX- Reduction Oxidation Catalytic Converter
REF - Reference
REGT- Recirculated Exhaust Gas Temperature
REL Relay
RF Radio frequency, radio signal
RFI - Radio Frequency Interference
RFI- Radio Frequency Interference
RFP Return pump
RFS Backup light(s)
RFT Run-flat tyre. Special tyre that can also be used in an emergency.
RG Route guidance (Travel Pilot)
RGS Route guidance standalone (Travel Pilot as standalone system)
RH- Righthand
RHD Right-hand drive
RHD - Right Hand Drive
RHD - Right-Hand Drive
RHD - Right-Hand Drive (from ETK)
RHO rho: Greek letter, represents density (kg/m³)
RHV Static high-voltage distribution
RI Indonesia
RIV Control pulse method (diesel)
RKE - Remote Keyless Entry
RKE- Remote Keyless Entry
RKS Tire check system
RLDM Right-hand drive
RLFS Fuel supply system without reverse flow
RLS - Rain-Light Sensor
RLV Reverse-flow valve
RM Reference mark
RM - Relay Module
RME Rapeseed methyl ester, alternative fuel
RO Romania
ROK Republic of Korea
ROM Read-only memory. Program memory of processor, or other memory, that can only be read.
ROM - Read Only Memory
ROM- Read Only Memory
RON Research octane number, see also ROZ
RON - Rated Octane Number
RON- Research Octane Number
ROPS Rollover protection system. Automatically extendable rollbar (Volvo)
ROV Rotating high-voltage distribution
ROZ Research octane number
ROZ - Research Octane rating/ fuel grade (from ETK)
RP In-line pump, or Philippines
RPA Flat tyre indicator
RPA - tire puncture warning (from ETK)
RPM - Revolutions Per Minute
RPM- Revolutions Per Minute
RPS - Rollover Protection System
RPS-Revolutions Per Second
RRDM Revolutions per minute
RRS - Variable Reluctance Sensor
RS Restraint system or Rotational speed sensor
RS - Repair kit (from ETK)
RSC Run-flat system component. Tyres with emergency-running properties. See also RFT.
RSD Back-flow throttle
RSV Check valve, prevents undesired reverse-flow of liquids or gases
RSW - back-up lamp (from ETK)
RTD - Real Time Dampening
RTI Radio Traffic Information
RTM Smoke opacity measurement module, product name for exhaust-gas tester (Bosch)
RTN - Dedicated Sensor Ground Circuit
RTR Reverse-flow temperature control
RTV - Room Temperature Vulcanising
RU Soot concentration in exhaust
RUE Soot emission
RUEF Retrofit vehicle
RUM Soot amount
RUV Static high-voltage distribution, usually proper name
RVP - Reid Vapour Pressure
RW Control travel
RWAL - Rear Wheel Anti-Lock
RWAWS Control-travel evaluation circuit
RWD Rear wheel drive
RWD - Rear Wheel Drive
RWD - Rear-Wheel Drive
RWG Control-travel sensor
RX Receive line (contrast with TX line).
RXD - wake-up Diagnosis line
RZ Wheel brake cylinder
RZV - direct stationary ignition
S S: Sensor, or super (premium) grade fuel, or sport program (automatic transmission), or Sweden s: seconds
S4WD - Selectable Four Wheel Drive
SA-FV - Separator Assembly Fuel/Vacuum
SAC Self-adjusting clutch. Transmits only the current engine torque
SACV Secondary air control valve
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
Safety lamp
SAM Safety (or signal detection) and triggering module. Designation for Mercedes control unit.
SAS Side-impact protection
SASL - Satellite, A-pillar left
SASR - Satellite, A-pillar right
SAT Siemens adaptive transmission control
SAV Overrun cutoff valve, or Sport activity vehicles (for example BMW X5)
SAV - Sport ACTIVITY Vehicle
SAVM - Spark Advance Vacuum Modulator
SAW - Spark Angle Work
SAW- Spark Angle Word
SB Star-of-injection, indicates when fuel injection actually starts (the start-of-delivery on the other hand is the time at which the fuel pump begins to deliver), or Control unit for start-of-injection control (diesel)
SB - fuse assignments
SBB Disc-brake lining
SBC Sensotronic Brake Control, part of EHB (electro-hydraulic brake) system
SBDS - Service Bay Diagnostic System
SBE Seat-occupied detection
SBE - Seat occupancy detector/sensor
SBEC - Single Board Engine Controller (replaced with PCM0
SBEC- Single Board Engine Control
SBFH - Seat module, passenger-side rear
SBK Safety battery terminal. Part of airbag system. In the case of an accident, the battery is rapidly disconnected from the starter cable in order to prevent short circuits and reduce the risk of fire.
SBR Start-of-injection control
SBS Speech-based operation system (Porsche designation)
SBS - Boost Solenoid (Ford)
SBSL - Satellite, B-pillar left
SBSR - Satellite, B-pillar right
SBT - Serial Bus Traveler
SBT - SI techniques/ tech reference information (in TIS)
SC - Supercharged
SC - Supercharged Engine
SC- Supercharger
SCA - Soft Close Automatic/Actuator
SCAN TOOL Tester for reading OBD error codes and other OBD data
SCAP - Silicone Capacitance Absolute Pressure Sensor (Ford)
SCB - Supercharger Bypass
SCC Safety car concept. Volvo concept for vehicle in which many safety features have been integrated
SCC - Spark Control Computer (Chrysler)
SCC- Spark Control Computer
SCCS-Speed Control Command Switches
SCHR Steps, such as with a stepping motor
SCL Smart-charged injection. Petrol direct injection (Ford)
SCP Serial communication protocol, proper name
SCP - Standard Corporate Protocol
SCS Stability control system. Simplified form of ESP (Mitsubishi). Prevents vehicle tilting or skidding.
SCS- Speed Controlled Spark
SCU Sensor and control unit. Control unit with integrated radar sensor, main component of ACC system.
SD Intake manifold pressure, or Sunroof, or Injection duration, or Control unit diagnosis
SD - silencer/ muffler (from ETK)
SD - sliding roof (from ETK)
SDI Intake diesel injection
SDI - Saab Direct Ignition
SDL Service diagnosis line, product designation for test line (Bosch)
SDM Sunroof motor or Control unit diagnosis module
SDM - Sensing Diagnostic Module
SDS Intake-manifold pressure sensor
SDV - Spark Deceleration Valve
SDV - Spark Delay Valve
SDW Signal from anti-theft warning system
SE - Special Equipment (from ETK)
SEC Seconds, physical unit
SEFI Sequential fuel injection, usually proper name
SEFI - Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
SELECT HIGH Select-high control for commercial-vehicle ABS systems. The pressure level is geared to the wheel running with the higher coefficient of friction.
SELECT LOW Select-low control with commercial-vehicle ABS systems. Pressure level depends on wheel running with the lower coefficient of friction
Sensing and Diagnostic Module (airbag)
SEO - Special Equipment Option
SES - Service Engine Soon (light)
SES - Service Engine Soon (replaced with MIL)
SES - voice recognition System
SET CONTROLLER Program command related to controller
SFAH - Seat module, driver's side rear
SFI Sequential multipoint fuel injection
SFI - Sequential Fuel Injection
SFI- Sequential Multi-Port Fuel Injection
SFT Short (term) fuel trim (lambda-parameter correction). See also STFT.
SFTP- Supplementary Federal Test Procedure
SFZ - Satellite, vehicle center
SG Control unit
SG - control unit
SGP Singapore
SGS - Seat integrated belt System
SHD Sliding or lifting sunroof
SHD - sliding/ lifting roof (from ETK)
SHD - Sunroof module (also SHDM)
SHED - Sealed Housing Evaporative Determination System
Shift lever Module
SHO - Super High Output Engine
SHO- Super High Output
SHR Select-high control for commercial-vehicle ABS systems. The pressure level is geared to the wheel running with the higher coefficient of friction.
SHRT FT - Short Term Fuel Trim
SHRTFT1 - Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 1
SHZ Heated seat
SI Speed index (code letter for speed), or Silicon
SI - Service Information (in TIS)
SIA Service interval indicator. Shows the driver that oil change or annual inspection is required, for example. See also WIV.
SIA - Service Interval system
Sid Controller
SID- Subsystem Identifier
SIDC Safety and information bus system. See also K-CAN and PT-CAN.
SIG RTN - Signal Return (sensor ground)
SIH Sitzheizung
SII - Service Interval Indicator
SIL Seat electrical system, left
SIL - Shift Indicator Lamp
SIL - SILicon (from ETK)
SIL- Shift Indicator Lamp
SILA Signal lamp
SIM Safety information module. Component of ISIS system (BMW)
SIM - Safety Information Module
SINE - Siren/tilt sensor
SIPS Side-impact protection system (Volvo)
SIPS - Side Impact Protection System
SIPS - Side Impact Protections System
SIR Seat electrical system, right.
SIR - Supplemental Inflatable Restraint
SIS Service Information System, proper name or Series repair
SIS - Solenoid Idle Stop
SKD - Steel sliding roof (from ETK)
SKF Spike characteristic. Relates to Porsche transmission controls.
SKHD - Steel sliding/ lifting roof (from ETK)
SKIM- Smart Key Immobiliser Module
SKO Compressor signal
SKT Scale units
SL Select low
SLM Secondary-air injection
SLO Slovenia
SLP Secondary-air pump
SLR Select-low control for commercial-vehicle ABS systems. The pressure level is geared to the wheel running with the lower coefficient of friction.
SLS Secondary-air system
SM Seat memory, or Stepping motor
SM - Seat Module
SM/SPM - Seat/Mirror Memory
SMBF - Seat Module, passenger side
SME Stepping-motor electronics
SMEC - Single Module Engine Controller (replaced with PCM)
SMEC- Single Module Engine Control
SMFA - Seat Module, driver's side
SMG - Sequential Manual Gearbox
SMPI - Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection (Chrysler)
SNA Automatic momentum utilisation
SNR Part number or Record number
SO Safety switch, normally closed (actuator)
SO2 Sulphur dioxide. Pungent gas causing respiratory diseases. It is thus an aim to reduce the sulphur content in exhaust gases.
SO2 - Sulphur Dioxide
SO2- Sulfur Dioxide
SOHC Single overhead camshaft
SOHC - Single Over Head Camshaft
SOHC - Single Overhead Cam
SOHC-Single Overhead Camshaft
Sonic Park Assist
SOP Start of production
SP Safety testing, usually in conjunction with testing of brake system
SP - Schematic
SPA Mirror drive
SPCS- Spark Plug Switching Control System
SPD - Speed
SPFI - Single Point Fuel Injection (throttle body)
SPI Single point injection, usually proper name
SPI - Serial Peripheral Interface
SPI- Serial Peripheral Interface
SPK- Spark Control
SPL Noise level, or Sound-pressure level
SPL - Smoke Puff Limiter
SPM Mirror memory, usually proper name
SPOR Sporadic
SPOUT Ignition signal (EEC IV)
SPOUT - Spark Output Signal
SPOUT- Spark Output
SPS Solar position sensor
SPS - Service Programming System
SPV Injection adjustment (see also SV)
SR Side-based control
SRA Headlight wiper system
SRA - headlight/fog light cleaning
SRC Source (of data or audio signals, for example)
SRC - Selective Ride Control
SRDV - Spark Retard Delay Valve
SRE Intake-manifold injection
SRI - Service Reminder Indicator
SRI- Service Reminder Indicator
SRM Headlight wiper motor
SRS Safety restraint system (generally includes airbag and seatbelt tensioner, normally controlled by a common control unit)
SRS - Secondary Restraint System
SRS - Spark Retard Solenoid
SRS - Supplemental Restraint System (air bag)
SRS - Supplementary Restraint System
SRS-Supplemental Restraint System
SRT - System Readiness Test
SS Safety switch, normally open (sensor 9)
SS - Speed Sensor
SS - Speed Sensor (Honda)
SS- Shift Solenoid
SS1, SS2,etc. - Shift Solenoid 1, 2, etc.
SSA Automatic start/stop
SSD Steel sliding sunroof
SSD - Steel sliding roof (from ETK)
SSG Seat control unit (Mercedes)
SSH - Seat Satellite, rear seat
SSHD Steel sliding/lifting sunroof
SSI - Solid State Ignition
SSI - Solid State Ignition (Ford)
SSI- Solid State Ignition
SSS Stop/start system
SST Special tool or self-supporting tyre, tyre which supports itself and features limp-home properties
SST- Special Service Tool
SSU Triggering device for side airbag
ST System tester
ST - connector views
ST - Scan Tool
STAE Start external, external start switch
STAR - Self Test Automatic Readout
STAR- Self-Test Automatic Readout
STAT Static
STC Stability and traction control
STC- Spark Timing Control
Steering Column Lock
Steering Wheel Control
Steptronic - transmission shift control
STFT Short-term fuel trim (for lambda-parameter correction). See also SFT.
STFT - Short Term Fuel Trim
STH Stationary-vehicle heater
STI Self-test input signal
STI - Self Test Input
STI - Self-Test Input (Ford)
STI-Self-Test Input
STM Servomotor
STO Self-test output signal
STO - Self Test Output
STO - Self-Test Output (Ford)
STO- Self-Test Output
STOE Stop external, external stop switch
STS - Service Throttle System (lamp)
STVL - Satellite, left front door
STVR - Satellite, right front door
SU Soviet Union
SULEV Super ultra-low emissions vehicle (group in classifying exhaust-emissions levels). See also LEV, NLEV, ULEV, TLEV, and ZEV.
SULEV- Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle
Sun Roof Module
SUS Slip threshold switchover
SUSP - Suspension System Module
SUV Sport utility vehicles. Vehicle group comprising off-road-capable, leisure-activity sport vehicles and commercial vehicles with all-wheel drive (fun vehicles). Better suited for on-road than off-road. Examples: Mazda Tribute, Mercedes ML 320.
SV Injection adjustment (see also SPV) or Servo valve or Start valve
SVC Saab variable compression. The cylinder head is tilted in order to modify the compression ratio, or Speed volume control. Speed-dependent volume control for car radios.
SVG Seat adjustment transmission
SVM Seat adjustment motor
SVO- Special Vehicle Operations
SVS - Speech processing System
SVT- Special Vehicle Team
SVV - Solenoid Vent Valve (Ford)
SW Headlight(s) or Software
SWB - Short Wheel Base
SWB - Short Wheel-Base
SWC Headlight washer
SWD Vibration damper
SWR - headlamp cleaning system (from ETK)
SWT Side wall torsion sensor. Detects longitudinal and transverse forces directly at the wheel during acceleration, braking, and in curves. Currently employed for quick-reaction ABS and ESP systems, in the future possibly for counteracting wind gusts.
SWZ - Special tool listings (in TIS)
System Information Display
SZ Opacity number, or Coil ignition, possibly with interrupt contacts or Switching-time program (determines switching time)
SZL - Switch center, steering column
SZM - central switch center Module
T t: (such as t-adj., time of adjustment) T: temperature (such as T-comp, compression temperature)
T-ABGLEICH t-adjust: time of adjustment
T-COMP T-comp: Compression temperature
T-EIN t-ein: Build-up time
T-HYBRID Hybrid temperature
T-IN T-in: Inflow temperature (actual) T-in (nom.): Nominal inflow temperature
T-LASTPUNKT Time of load point
T-MESS Time or duration of measurement
T-OFFSET Time offset
T-OVER T-over: Overflow temperature
T-TOTAL t-total: Total measurement time
T-VIS Toyota variable intake system (cut-in at 4500 rpm in 16-valve engines)
T-WAIT t-wait: Wait time
T-WARTE Wait time
T.C.S. Ignition timing control system
T.O.C.S. Throttle valve control system
TA Traffic announcement, or Thorax airbag (BMW)
TA - Temperature Air (Honda)
TAB Test Airbag. Excitation lead for airbag system (Mazda)
TAB - Thermostat Air Bypass
TAB- Thermactor Air Bypass Vacuum Solenoid Valve
TAC Test Air Conditioning. Excitation lead for air conditioner (Mazda)
TAC - Thermostatic Air Cleaner (GM)
TAC - Throttle Actuator Control
TAC- Tachometer Output Signal
TACH - Tachometer
TAD - Thermostat Air Diverter
TAD- Thermactor Air Diverter Vacuum Solenoid Valve
TAGE - door handle Electronics
TANS Tans: Intake air temperature (in °C)
TAP - Transmission Adaptive Pressure
TAS Temperature dependent control, with distributor injection pumps, or Temperature dependent start-volume, with distributor injection pumps
TAT Test Automatic Transmission. Excitation lead for transmission control (Mazda)
TAU Automatic temperature system
TAV - Temperature Actuated Vacuum
TB - Throttle Body
TBB Drum-brake shoes
TBI Throttle body injection, central injection
TBI - Throttle Body Injection
TBI- Throttle Body Fuel Injection
TBS Test Brake System. Excitation lead for ABS system (Mazda)
TC Traction control, auxiliary function with ABS
TC - Turbocharged
TC - Turbocharger
TC- Turbocharger
TCA - Thermostat Controlled Air Cleaner
TCC - Torque Converter Clutch
TCC-Torque Converter Clutch
TCCP - Torque Converter Clutch Pressure
TCCS - Toyota Computer Controlled System
TCE Trailer central electronic, central electronics system for trailer
TCIL - Transmission Control Indicator Lamp
TCM Transmission control module (Opel automatic-transmission control unit)
TCM - Transmission Control Module
TCM - Transmission or Transaxle Control Module
TCO Tachograph (Mercedes)
TCP - Temperature Compensated Accelerator Pump (Ford)
TCP - Torque Charger
TCS Traffic centre service
TCS - Traction control solenoid (SAAB 9000)
TCS - Traction Control Switch
TCS - Transmission Control Switch
TCS - Transmission Controlled Spark (GM)
TCS- Transmission Controlled Spark
TCSA Temperature controlled spark advance
TCU Transmission control unit
TD TD: Time division, engine load signal tD: Transistor speed signal, square-wave signal supplying RPM for other systems such as transmission control
TD - engine speed signal (ignition pulse)
TD - Technical Data (in TIS)
TD - Turbo Diesel
TDC Top dead centre, see also OT
TDC - Top Dead Center
TDC- Top Dead Centre
TDD - Technical Documentation Disk. Made available to consumers and dealers by force of the DOT/EPA regulations for servicing the electrical and mechanical components of the emissions replated systems on the cars that are not on the ETM.
TDI Turbo diesel injection
TDI - Turbo Direct Injection
TDI - Turbo Direct Injection (A turbo charged direct injected diesel engine)
TDS Tank pressure sensor
TE - fuel evaporation control
TE - Thermal Expansion
TEC Total electronic control
TEE Tank installation unit
TEL - Telephone control unit
TELE-AID Telematic alarm identification on demand, accident notification
TEMP. SCH. Temperature switch
TEMPF Temperature sensor
TEN Test Engine. Excitation lead for control unit (Mazda), usually proper name
TES Thermo-electric switch or tank ventilation system (also referred to as evaporative emission-control regeneration system)
TEV Tank ventilation valve or Thermostatic expansion valve (heating/air conditioning)
TEV - evaporative purge control
TF Temperature sensor
TFA Test of radiator fan
TFI Electronic ignition switch (EEC)
TFI-I- Thick Film I Ignition System
TFI-IV- Thick Film IV Ignition System
TFP - Throttle Fluid Pressure
TFP - Transmission Fluid Pressure
TFT - Transmission Fluid Temperature
TFT- Transmission Fluid Temperature
THA Thailand
THM - Turbo Hydra-Matic
THS Toyota hybrid system. Hybrid of combustion and electrical drive, with electronic control.
THZ Tandem master cylinder. Master brake cylinder for hydraulic brakes.
THZ - Tandem master cylinder (from ETK)
TI ti: Injection signal (t=time, i=ignition)
ti - Injector "on" Time (duration)
TI - Transistorised Ignition System
TI Transistor Ignition System
TIC - Thermal Ignition Control (Chrysler)
TID Test identification data or Triple Info Display, driver information system in which certain data and information is displayed
TIM Time impulse
TIPTRONIC Porsche or VW electronic transmission control. The control can be operated via a small device on the steering wheel.
TIS - Technical Information System
TIV - Thermactor Idle Vacuum Valve
TIV - Thermactor Idle Vacuum Valve (Ford)
TK - Throttle Kicker Actuator (Ford)
TKRAFT Fuel temperature (in °C)
TKS - Throttle Kicker Solenoid
TKU Technical customer documentation
TL tl: Engine load signal recorded over time TL: Partial throttle, engine operating state
TL - part throttle / load signal
TLA Temperature dependent idle increase, with distributor injection pumps
TLEV Transient low-emissions vehicle (group in exhaust-emissions classification). Comprises vehicles with low emissions levels. See also LEV, NLEV, SULEV, ULEV, and ZEV.
TLEV - Transitional Low Emission Vehicle
TLEV- Transitional Low Emission Vehicle
TLK Temperature dependent idle correction
TMB Door module, passenger side
TMBFT - door Module, passenger side
TMBFTH - door Module, passenger side rear
TMC Traffic message channel
TMF Door module, driver side
TMFAT - door Module, driver's side
TMFATH - door Module, driver's side rear
TMOT Engine temperature (in °C), usually determined from coolant
TMS Telematic system
TMS Temperature
TN tn: Signal from ignition with inductive peaks suppressed. Used for RPM detection for control unit and speedometer
TNA Signal output for engine speed.
TOT - Transmission Oil Temperature
TOT- Transmission Oil Temperature
TP Throttle valve potentiometer (actuator)
TP - Tandem Pump (from ETK)
TP - Throttle Position
TP Mode - Throttle Position Mode
TP- Throttle Position
TP- Throttle Positioned
TPCV - Tank Pressure Control Valve
TPI - Tuned Port Injection
TPI- Tuned Port Injection
TPM Tempomat (cruise control)
TPM - Tire Pressure Monitor
TPMS Tyre pressure monitoring system, with pressure and temperature sensors at wheel (Opel/Teves)
TPOUT- Throttle Position Output
TPP - Throttle Position Potentiometer
TPS Throttle position sensor
TPS - Throttle Position Sensor
TPS - Throttle Position Switch/Sensor
TPS- Throttle Position Sensor
TPT - Throttle Position Transducer
TPT - Throttle Position Transducer (Chrysler)
TQ Time quantity (usually TQ signal). Fuel consumption signal.
TR TR: RPM information, or contact roller, or Turkey tr: Calculated RPM signal
TR - engine speed signal (rpm)
TR - Transistor (from ETK)
TR - Transmission Range Sensor
TRACS Traction control system (Volvo)
TRG - fuel level sensor (from ETK)
TRI - Technical Reference Information (also SBT)
TRLHP - Thermal Vacuum Valve
TRS - battery isolation Switch
TRS- Transmission regulated Spark
TRS, TRS+1 - Transmission Regulated Spark Control System
TRUST Trundle stability
TS Temperature switch or Twin spark, double-spark ignition (Alfa Romeo)
TSB - Technical Service Bulletin
TSB- Technical Service Bulletin
TSD - Torsional vibration dampener (from ETK)
TSG Tank level sensor or Door control unit
TSH Door lock heater
TSH - door lock Heating
TSP Trailer stability program, ESP type system for trailers, designed to prevent trailer skid (Opel)
TSP - Throttle Solenoid Positioner
TSP - Throttle Solenoid Positioner (Ford)
TSS Thermal protection switch
TSS - Transmission Shaft Speed Sensor
TSS - Turbine Speed Shaft Sensor
TSS- Transmission Speed Sensor
TSS- Turbine Speed Sensor
TSU Speedometer signal transformer
TSZ Transistor coil ignition with discrete components
TSZ-H Transistor coil ignition with Hall sensor
TSZ-I Transistor coil ignition with inductive sensor
TSZ-IZA Transistor ignition with ignition coil in distributor
TSZI - Transistorised coil Ignition system (from ETK)
TT TT division. Black-and-white division of brake circuits: one circuit in front, one in rear.
TTS- Transaxle Temperature Switch
TU - Technical Update (as in M50tu)
TUEV German vehicle-inspection authority
TV TV: Timing valve tv: Offset time of oxygen sensor control
TV - Throttle Valve
TV- Throttle Valve
TVA Temperature dependent full-load stop
TVP- Throttle Valve Potentiometer
TVS Temperature dependent vacuum switch or Thermal vacuum switch
TVS - Temperature Vacuum Switch
TVS - Thermal Vacuum Switch
TVSV Temperature dependent vacuum switching valve
TVV - Thermal Vent Valve (Ford)
TVV- Thermal Vacuum Valve
TWA Twin-wheel axle. Axle with twin tires on each side.
TWC Three-way catalytic converter
TWC - Three Way Catalyst
TWC + OC - Three Way Catalyst
TWC- Three-Way Catalytic Converter
TWC+OC - Three Way + Oxidation Catalytic Converter
TWC+OC- Three-Way + Oxidation Catalytic Converter
TX TX line: Transmission line, in contrast to RX line
TXD - Transmitting Diagnosis line
Tyre Pressure Monitoring
TZ Transistor coil ignition with hybrid component
TZ-H Transistor ignition with Hall sensor
TZ-I Transistor ignition with inductive sensor
TZS Thermal time switch
U Below, underneath or Voltage
U-BATT Battery voltage
U-batt - Battery voltage
U-KAT Unregulated catalytic converter (without oxygen sensor control)
U-vers - supply voltage
UAE United Arab Emirates
UAM Ultrasonic Alarm Module
UART - Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter
UB Battery voltage, supply voltage at terminal 30
UBF Lower control panel. Near the gearshift lever or below the radio, some vehicles have switches or buttons, such as for the rear-window defogger. These elements together comprise a control panel, which is referred to as the lower control panel to distinguish it from another control panel on or above the dashboard.
UBL Brake-light voltage
UCL Understeering control logic. ESP system used in Renault Megane.
UD - Under drive
UD-F Vacuum adjustment EARLY
UD-MODUL Vacuum module. Valve for switching and measuring intake manifold pressure
UD-S Vacuum adjustment LATE
UDB Vacuum limiter
UDS Accident data memory (VDO), similar to black box in aircraft
UEC Underhood Electrical Center, Opel designation for engine-compartment electronics module
UEDS Excessive-speed switch
UEGO Universal exhaust gas oxygen sensor, non-heated Lambda sensor
UERB Rollbar
UERSS - rollover bar (from ETK)
UEV Excessive-flow valve
UG Lower limit Lower tolerance limit
UIC- Universal Integrated Circuit Ignition
UIDI - Up-Integrated Direct Ignition
UIS Unit injection system, new designation for PDE systems (diesel injection systems with pump-nozzle unit)
ULEV Ultra-low emissions vehicle (group in exhaust-gas classification). See also LEV, NLEV, SULEV, TLEV, and ZEV.
ULEV- Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle
Ultrasonic Alarm System
ULW Ultra lightweight
UM Reversing valve (for ASR operation)
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System. Standard for the 3rd generation of mobile radio communications. Is to replace the analogue radio system over the long term.
UNI1 UNI2,Additional lines on universal adapter cable, used to read out flash codes or for special purposes
UP Unsaturated polyester. Thermosetting plastic used in body construction or to manufacture pressure-resistant containers.
UPA Ultrasonic parking assistant
UPS Unit Pump System, new designation for PLD systems
URS Rollover sensor, usually proper name
URS - rollover protection System
US Designation denoting basis on U.S. emission standards
USA United States of America
USB Universal serial bus. The USB interface permits simple connection of various peripherals to a PC.
USG Non-interrupting manual transmission. Two clutches (drive-off and load-shift) enable electronically controlled driving without shifting interruptions.
USIS - Ultrasonic passenger compartment Sensor
USV Change-over valve
UT Bottom dead centre
UUV Urban Utility Vehicle, Nutzfahrzeug für den Einsatz in der Stadt
UV Ultraviolet. Used mostly in conjunction with light or radiation.
UVC- Under Valve Cover
UVR Voltage at valve relay
UVS Rollbar and variable sunroof control (Mercedes)
UW Voltage converter
UZ Voltage after ignition, terminal 15
V V: Volt, physical unit, or carburetor engine, or valve, or viscose, or fan, or front v: Front, or velocity
V - "front" (Vorn)
V - vehicle road speed
V - Volts
V V C - Variable Valve Control
V V T - Variable Valve Timing
V/MS V/ms: volts per millisecond, unit for voltage per time.
VA Vorderachse
VA - front Axle (from ETK)
VAC Variant coding
VAC - Vacuum
VAF Air-flow sensor
VAF - Vane Airflow Meter
VAF - Volume Air Flow
VAF- Vane Air Flow
VAF-Volume Air Flow
VAG Volkswagen AG, vehicle maker, proper name
VAKU-SCH. Vacuum switch
VAN Vehicle Area Network. The VAN bus is a bus system that interconnects various components in the vehicle. This can be a CAN bus, but it can also be another type of bus.
VANOS Variable camshaft timing
VANOS - Variable camshaft timing
VANOS- Double Variable Camshaft Control
VARILIS Variable lighting system (Hella)
VAT Intake-air temperature sensor
VAT - front axle support (from ETK)
VAT - Vane Air Temperature Sensor
VAT- Vane Air Temperature
VATS - Vehicle AntiTheft System
VBAT - Vehicle (system) Battery Voltage
VC Variant coding
VCC - Vacuum Cut Control Solenoid
VCM - Vehicle Control Module
VCM- Vehicle Control Module
VCRM - Variable Control Relay Module
VCRM- Variable Control Relay Module
VCTS - Vacuum Control Temperature Sensing Valve (Ford)
VCV Vacuum control valve
VCV - Vacuum Control Valve (Ford)
VD Choke valve
VDC Vehicle distance control or Vehicle dynamics control
VDOT - Variable Displacement Orifice Tube
VDV Vacuum delay valve
VDV - Vacuum Delay Valve
VDV - Vacuum Differential Valve (Ford)
VDV- Vacuum Delay Valve
VE Distributor injection pump (series designation). See also VP
VECI - Vehicle Emission Control Information Decal
VEP - distributor-type injection Pump (from ETK)
VEPS-Vehicle Electronic Programming System
VERD. Verdeck (Cabrio)
VES Fully electronic radio ignition key
VEZ Fully electronic ignition system
VF - Vacuum Fluorescent
VFD Vacuum fluorescence display
VFD-Vacuum Fluorescent Display
VFR Variable focus reflector (headlight)
VGWX Preset value if sensor fails
VIC- Vehicle Information Center
VICS- Variable Inertia Charging System
VID - VIDeo module
VIM Vehicle immobiliser
VIM - Vehicle Interface Module
VIN Vehicle identification number, code stored in control unit
VIN - Vehicle Identification Number
VIN- Vehicle Identification Number
VIS Variable Intake System (Rover)
VIS - Variable Induction System
VIT- Vehicle Interface Tool
VK Valve body
VKP Programmable variant coding
VKS Variant coding with plug
VL Left front, or Full load, engine operating state
VL - full load (wide open throttle)
VLCM - Variable Load Control Module
VLP Preliminary charge pump
VM Adjustment motor or Combustion engine
VMV - Vacuum Modulator Valve
VMV - Vapor Management Valve (EVAP)
VNT - Variable Nozzle Turbocharger
VOCS Voice control system
VOTM - Vacuum Operated Throttle Modulator (Ford)
VP Distributor pump (usually factory-internal designation). See also VE
VP-20- Bosch VP-20 Diesel Engine Control System
VPC Volvo Personal Communicator. SCC element with fingerprint sensor that detects the identity of the driver and makes driver-specific adjustments.
VPM- Vehicle Personality Module
VPWM - Variable Pulse Width Modulated
VPWR - Ignition Switched Power
VR Right front or Distributor pump with radial piston
VR - Voltage Regulator
VR/S - Vacuum Regulator/Solenoid (Ford)
VRD Vario nozzle, nozzle with variable radius
VRDV - Vacuum Retard Delay Valve (Ford)
VRE- Vehicle Retarded Enable
VREF - Reference Voltage (from PCM)
VREF- Reference Voltage
VRESER - Vacuum Reservoir (Ford)
VREST - Vacuum Restrictor (Ford)
VRIS - Variable Resonance Induction System
VRM Valve feedback
VRS Relay supply voltage
VRS - Variable Reluctance Sensor
VRV - Vacuum Regulator Valve (Ford)
VRV- Vacuum Regulator Valve
VSA Vehicle stability assist. System similar to ESP.
VSC Voltage supply control. Battery management system (Mercedes)
VSD - front muffler (from ETK)
VSG Composite safety glass
VSO Vehicle speed out
VSS Volts peak-to-peak, unit for special voltage values, measures difference between maximum and minimum voltage levels or Vehicle speed sensor, or Vehicle security systems
VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor
VSS-Vehicle Speed Sensor
VSV Vacuum switching valve
VT Vacuum transducer
VTEC- Variable Valve Timing & Valve Lift Electronic Control
VTG Variable turbine geometry. The turbine has movable guide blades, which can be varied depending on the operating state of the vehicle. A turbocharger with variable turbine geometry offers the advantage that it is more responsive than a conventional turbocharger with fixed turbine geometry.
VTSS- Vehicle Theft Security System
VTV Vacuum transmitting valve
VVA Variable valve actuation. Variable valve control between cams and valves. Operates electrohydraulically. Duration and width of opening can be varied (Fiat, Lancia)
VVA - Venturi Vacuum Amplifier (Ford)
VVC Variable valve control
VVC - Variable Voltage Choke (Ford)
VVL Variable valve lift
VVT – Valve tronic
VVTi- Variable Valve Timing With Intelligence
VVV - Vacuum Vent Valve (Ford)
VVW Variable valve displacement
VW Compensating resistor or Volkswagen, vehicle maker, proper name
VZ Electronic ignition timing with static distribution
VZ-K Electronic ignition timing with static distribution and knock control
W/B - Wheelbase
W/M2 W/m². Watts per square meter. Physical unit for solar radiation intensity
WAA Wiper blade
WAC - WOT A/C Cut out Relay
WAC- Wide Open Throttle A/C Cut off
WACA - A/C WOT Cut out Relay Monitor
WALA Safety lamp
WAN Nigeria
WBG - hazard warning switch (from ETK)
WDS World diagnostic system (Ford tester)
WE Water injection
WEBER Weber petrol injection
WEO Western Europe except Germany
WFS Immobiliser
WHA Water-side automatic heater
WIG Wiper pulse transmitter
WIM - Wiper control Module
WIV Service interval extension. Under certain conditions (use of special oils, etc.), service can be performed at greater intervals. Also referred to as Longlife Service (VW, Audi).
WK Converter clutch
WK - torque converter lock-up clutch
WL Warning lamp
WLR Warmup control
WOT - Wide Open Throttle
WOT- Wide Open Throttle
WOTPS- Wide Open Throttle Position Switch
WOTV - Wide-Open Throttle Valve (Ford)
WR Warmup control or Warning lamp relay
WS Wiper or Travel sensor
WSA Wiper system
WSG Separate control unit
WSH Wiper lever
WSK Converter clutch used in semiautomatic transmission
WSKS Converter clutch switch
WSM Wiper motor
WSS Window screen system. A type of night-vision unit (DaimlerChrysler). Supports driver in night driving by making an infrared image of what is visible through the windscreen and displaying it on a separate screen.
WSS - Wheel Speed Sensor
WSS – Wind Shield (from ETK)
WSS- Wheel Speed Sensor
WSZ AC ignition
WT Heat exchanger
WT – Valve tronic control unit
WTF Water temperature sensor
WU OC - Warm Up Oxidation Catalytic Converter
WU TWC - Warm Up Three Way Catalytic Converter
WU-OC- Warm-Up Oxidation Catalytic Converter
WU-TWC- Warm-Up Three-Way Catalytic Converter
WUEK Eigentlich WÜK, Wandlerüberbrückungskupplung, verhindert Schlupf im Drehmomentwandler
X X division. Diagonal division of brake circuits: one circuit for left-front and right-rear, and one circuit for right-front and left-rear.
X- Equipped
XE Extreme economy. Selection option for extremely economical driving with automatic transmissions
XS Extreme sport. Selection option for extremely sporty driving with automatic transmissions
YRS Yaw rate sensor. Component of ESP system
YV Venezuela
Z - "central" (Zentrum)
ZA Ignition suppression
ZAB Central display and operating unit for information
ZAB - ignition fade-out (reduction)
ZAE - central Airbag Electronics
ZAS Cylinder shutoff
ZAS - ignition starter switch (from ETK)
ZBR Central vehicle computer
ZDA Intermediate RPM stop
ZDE Intermediate RPM adjuster
ZDR Intermediate RPM control
ZDT Cyclical nozzle-exchange procedure
ZE Central injection or Central electronics
ZEE Central injection unit, Mono-Jetronic
ZEV Zero-emissions vehicle. Vehicle producing no exhaust gases. See also LEV, NLEV, SULEV, TLEV, and ULEV.
ZEV- Zero Emissions Vehicle
ZGM Central gateway module
ZGM - central Gateway Module
ZGW Central gateway. Computer that connects and controls data exchange between two networks
ZK Ignition circuit (airbag system)
ZK - cylinder head (from ETK)
ZKE - central body Electronics
ZKH - cylinder head cover (from ETK)
ZKO Ignition capacitor
ZLS Auxiliary air slider
ZLV Auxiliary air valve
ZME Trim unit. Control unit for the high-pressure pump (such as CP3) of a Common Rail system. Measures the fuel quantity fed to the pump.
ZMS Two-mass flywheel
ZMS - dual-Mass flywheel (from ETK)
ZNPB Central delivery volume normal test stand (special tester for injection pumps)
ZOS Zero offset disc brake (no residual drag moment)
ZOT Cylinder top dead centre
ZRE Zaire
ZS Ignition coil
ZS - central lock (from ETK)
ZSD - center muffler (from ETK)
ZU Intermediate inspection
ZUS.LUFTP. Auxiliary air pump (secondary air injection)
ZV Central locking or Ignition distributor or Ignition timing adjustment
ZV - central locking system
ZV - central locking system (from ETK)
ZVM Central locking module
ZVM - central locking Module
ZVN Central valve for level adjustment
ZW Between
ZWD Two-coil actuator (servomotor with two coils)
ZWD - idle control valve
ZWG Intermediate transmission
ZWS Accessory for immobiliser
ZWV Ignition timing adjustment
ZYL Cylinder

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  • Touch screen stopped working ?
  • Error in communications ?
  • Software errors ?
  • Damaged Unit ?

Here at Durham Diagnostics we can test any Launch X431 products to guarantee faulty parts, with processes of general hardware and software inspections to find the cure.

Highly Launch trained to the level of hardware & software development

Launch X431 diagnostics coverage with vehicle diagnostic for Audi, VAG, BMW, Ford, Renault.

431 master, scanner and tool for scan codes, key code programing, coding injectors, parking brake reset,
with distributors and dealers based across the UK from our dealer network

Formerly BEST known from the UK garage trade AND as ONE of the worlds biggest names in LAUNCH X431 Vehicle Diagnostics John Mcgovern from LAUNCH UK R&D technical support

Only using genuine parts for repairs to guarantee a perfect job first time every time.

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