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Question: Can I use my new Launch straight away or do I need to download software?
Answer: Due to the volume of counterfit and grey imported units ALL Launch products are supplied with a BLANK CF Card , there is NO diagnostic software loaded to the unit.
BUT ALL Launch X431 purchased from any UK offical dealer will register and download the latest software ready for you to use straight out of the box.

Question: Where do I go to register and download the latest software?
Answer: Go to There will be two choices Main Site and Alternative Site. You can enter either site, both will be displayed in English. Be aware that after you register your
unit you can download your new software immediately from that server but it can take approximately 24 hours for this the registration information to take effect on the Alternative Site due to GMT time differences between here and china.

Question: How do I and download all the new software?
Answer: If you purchased the unit from an Authorized Distributor a download instruction procedure should be in the box. A download manual or online video guide can be obtained from your Authorized Distributor or by calling 0843 5323913 or emailing us at You will need your serial number.

Question: When I try to register I am asked for the registration password, what is a registration password?
Answer: You will need to find the private and confidential envelope that comes with your unit which contains the serial number and registration password. If you do not have a download manual that shows this and details the download procedure please contact your Authorized Dealer or Durham Diagnostics at 0843 5323913 or
You will need your serial smartbox number.

Question: When I take my X431 out of it's case it has three different serial numbers, which one is the right one?
Answer: Every component of the X431 has it's own serial number, the top one is the printer, the middle one is the display unit and the bottom one is the smartbox.

Question: When I try to register the unit I get a message that says "incorrect dealer code"
Answer: Please contact your Authorized Dealer, You will need your serial number ALL Launch X431 purchased from any UK offical dealer will register

Question: When I try to register my unit I get a message "unit not sold"
Answer: Please contact your Authorized Dealer, You will need your serial number.

Question: I get a Launch logo on the screen and then access the start menu in the lower left corner but I do not know what to select to start the Scanner software.
Answer: The correct way to start the scanner software is to use the shortcut Hotkey located directly above the power key directly above the Power button is the Hotkey.
After the X431 has booted up, press the Hotkey and the Scanner program will load. Once the Scanner program has loaded there will be a large start icon that covers half the lower screen, using the stylus touch this start selection and the vehicle selection screen will appear.
If you prefer to use the start menu in the lower left corner of the screen, select GAG and then GD Scan.

Question: I get a message to "insert diagnose card" but the card is correctly installed
Answer: The operating system is located on the card and is called the System Data file, If the card has been formatted or a new card is being used the System Data Display file will need to be installed from the Download Center. Visit the Download Center and be sure and download and install the System Data Dispaly

Question: I get a message to "ID-Error 5 or 70" but the card is correctly installed
Answer: The operating system is located on the card and is called the System Data file, the System Data Display file will need to be updated installed from the Download Center. Visit the Download Center and be sure and download and install the lastest version of System Data Dispaly

Question: I get a message "Discording Software" after the smartbox has been reset and the software download bar is completed
Answer:Launch software is encrypted to only work with the correct hardware serial number. This message means that the software has detected the incorrect hardware serial number.
Go to the Download Center and make sure the correct serial number is showing on the download page. Note if the serial number is correct and you still have the problem try downloading the software from the Main Site or Alternative Site. the problem could be a temporary issue with the website servers please allow 24 hours Answer: Please esure the PC desktop series update tool is the lastest version.

Question: The touch screen does not work
Answer:The screen has lost it's calibration, this can happen if the screen calibration is entered at start-up "Detecting noise" and not completed. Normally after the Main software display program has been updated power down and reboot the unit and enter and complete the screen calibration by following the on screen instructions. The Hotkey is located directly above the power button

Question: When I try to calibrate the screen the calibration dot does not respond to the stylus.
Reason: It takes 3 seconds of holding the stylus onto the calibration dot for the screen to successfully capture the information it needs
Answer: Hold the stylus on the dot for 3 seconds and it should respond correctly. If not the screen is not functioning correctly and may need to be repaired.
Answer: Remove the CF Card to reduce the voltage current on the main board, and repeat the above 3 times.

Question: The printer sounds like it is working but paper does not come out.
Answer: Open the printer cover and make sure the printer feed roll is in the lock position, the roll is not jammed any impact can cause the printer feed lock to disengage.

Question: The printer paper feeds and the printer sounds like it is printing but there isn't anything printed on the paper
Reason: The paper the X431 uses is single sided thermal credit card machine paper.
Answer: Remove the paper and reinstall the correct side up

Question: Every time I boot up my X431 it asks me for my contact information?
Reason: The boot up sequence looks to see if there is any contact information on the first line of the contact information page, if there is not than it displays this page.
Answer:Open the keyboard by touching the keyboard icon on the lower right of the screen and enter the shop name on the first line and a phone number on the appropriate line and the contact info
screen will not appear anymore. It is best if all the information is entered in case the unit is lost it can be tracked back to it's rightful owner. The Conact name and phone number will be displayed on all printouts

Question: My printouts contain the wrong information and phone number can i change this?
Reason: The contact information page was incorrectly filled out
Answer: Access the contact information page by touching the on-screen start menu in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Select information and then select user and the contact information page
should appear. Edit the information using the keyboard icon located in the lower right of the screen. You will need to reboot your Launch unit for the change to take effect.

Question: I have many scan tools. What makes this one any better?
Answer: The X431 follows the OEM tool platforms. It can perform nearly 85% of the factory tool functions on European and Asian cars, with Domestic car lines in development.

Question: What is the difference between coding and programming?
Answer: Programming is when software is downloaded into a module to make it functional. The software may have functions within the program that can be changed to customize it for a specific vehicle. This customization is referred to as coding.

Question: Can the unit perform programming of modules?
Answer: Yes, it has capability at the present time for some bi-directional options, but it will develope more in the future.

Question: How much are the updates after owning the tool?
Answer: Updates are £600.00+VAT for all makes and models configured in the unit

Question: How are the X431 programs updated?
Answer: Through the internet to a Compact Flash card.

Question: When my subscription runs out will my scantool stop working?
Answer: No, you can still download up to the point where your updates expired and your tool will still function.

Question: If I skip a year of updates do I have to pay double the next year?
Answer: No, the price would be £600.00+VAT

Question: What connectors are included?
Answer: It comes complete with the connectors needed for all cars sold in the UK

Question: Does it have technical information built in?
Answer: Yes, some for special functions most are available online.

Question: How long is the UK warranty?
Answer: It comes with a two year warranty.

Question: Does the X431 MASTER unit have a battery?
Answer: No, the unit is powered by the data link connector in the vehicle or through the vehicles battery using the cigarette lighter. There is a 240/110V AC adaptor for powering up the X-431 when you are next to your computer to verify your recent downloads. The 240/110V AC adaptor should never be used when you are hooked to a vehicle.

Question: Who is LAUNCH?
Answer: The X431 parent company, LAUNCH, has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the field of after-market automotive diagnostics since 1992.
With head-quarters in Shenzhen China, LAUNCH maintains a base of distributors in more than 60 countries worldwide

Question: When does my software expire ?
Answer: Login to the your X431 download center and to the top right hand side it will say valid date this will show when your unit was first regestared and when your software subcription expires.

Question: How often should I update?
Answer: The more regularly your software is updated, the stronger your automotive diagnostics coverage will be.
It is ideal to have your software updated once or twice per month.

Question: But it takes too long!
Answer: Yes – upgrading can take time but the benefits of updated software outweigh the inconvenience of general errors and system coverage that maybe missing.
Any software that is not up to date will be much more inconvienient and time consuming.


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